New Shoes!

Yesterday I went shopping for some new shoes. I picked up two pairs of shoes. I thought the blue ones would be for walking but I walked with them this morning and the flat part of the bottom of my feet hurt. I think I’ll just wear them for everyday and use my new white pair for walking. We’ll see how we feel after walking with the white ones tomorrow.

In other news, my new Apple Watch has shipped and will arrive tomorrow!!

Fall Leaves

This morning the track was full of the men’s track team so I couldn’t walk on the track. I decided to walk in the neighborhood. I only walked 2.09 miles. I did see these pretty fall leaves along the way. I’m ready for fall!

Beautiful Walk

What a beautiful morning! I walked 3.11 miles on the track. On my way home the sun was out and shining on the grass. It was beautiful!

Before getting in the shower I got on the scale. Slowly losing weight! I’m down almost 10 pounds since I retired.

Mid Walk Rain

I walked 2.29 miles today at the AU track. I was half way through my walk when it started to rain. Enough rain to make me head home. I was a little wet by the time I got home. I was hoping to get to 3 miles today but the rain stopped that. I didn’t walk at all yesterday because of the rain. Here’s the sky on my way to the track. It looked good but those dark clouds brought the rain quicker than I thought they would.