Migrating Warblers

This morning I went to Riverbend Park to do some more bird watching. As with other recent park visits, I saw lots and lots of birds I’ve already photographed. I did see two warblers that I’d not seen or photographed before. After doing some research to find out what birds they were, I found that they are both warblers who are migrating north and stop in the park on their way. The new birds are:

#40 Yellow-rumped Warbler
#41 Palm Warbler

New Birds!

Early this morning I went to Ellanor Lawrence Park to look for more new birds. The place was very busy with birds flying all around. So many of them I’ve photographed already this year but I was able to capture 4 new birds to add to the list. I’m now up to 39 birds for 2014. The new birds are:

#36 Chipping Sparrow
#37 House Wren
#38 Eastern Towhee
#39 Eastern Bluebird

Talk With Mom

Today I went to my mom’s house to do lots of little chores she needs help with. I was being a good son. While there I took my camera with the new mic on top and recorded a short video. This short video is the kind of thing I want to do that I was talking about in my last video. Next time I’ll shoot in HD and add titles and such. This is just a test. Enjoy!

New Birds!

Today I took advantage of being on spring break to go bird watching. I went to Huntley Meadows Park to find some new birds. I was very lucky today and captured 8 new birds on camera. A few were completely new while others I’ve photographed in previous years. The new birds are:

#28 Tree Swallow
#29 Ruby-crowned Kinglet
#30 Common Yellowthroat
#31 Green Heron
#32 Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
#33 Red-winged Blackbird
#34 Hairy Woodpecker
#35 American Coot