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I went to Scotts Run Nature Preserve last week and recorded some video of the falls.

The Little Store

Here’s another video in the series of me talking with my mother. In this video she talks about the little store that her grandparents owned.

Seems Like

It seems like my blog has turned into a video blog. While that may look like the case, it isn’t. My latest hobby is creating videos and posting them to my YouTube Channel. I embed them here so those who don’t go to my YouTube Channel can see the videos.

However, I am still looking for birds, still taking lots of photographs, and still think of things to share on the blog. Just the other day I was at Scotts Run Nature Preserve recording video and taking pictures. One of the pictures I took was of the waterfalls. I slowed down the shutter speed and adjusted the other settings for the light conditions and came up with what I think is an amazing photo. Click the picture to make it bigger to see the detail.


I do have lots to say about the current happenings in the world and the US but I just haven’t spent time to write them down or to even record a video of how I feel about them. Maybe soon I’ll do just that. In the mean time, enjoy the videos and keep checking in. Actually, I don’t even know if anyone is coming to the blog anymore. We’ll see.


I went to Huntley Meadows Park in Alexandria, Virginia and shot some video of the wetlands area.

Talking With My Mother

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