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Assisted Living

Talking With My Mother

In this video my mother shares her opinions about many things. Forgive me now if her opinions offend you. Remember, she’s old. If you like the video, please comment, like, share, and subscribe to my channel.

New Bird

Bird #57 for the year is the Black-and-white Warbler. We were taking a walk through the Olmsted Woods at the National Cathedral when I saw this bird and was so excited to snap some pictures of it. I was excited because it makes bird #57 for the year which passes my total for last year of 56. Yay!


Potato Chip Taste Test


So..I made this video about Rain. It’s okay. But why aren’t my videos getting more views? Or why isn’t my YouTube channel getting more subscribers. I think I’m too old to be a YouTuber. Is that such a thing? I don’t know. But if you are seeing this, go to my YouTube channel, subscribe and watch my videos. Like them and leave a comment. Do that for me, kay?

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