Merry Christmas Eve. I'm not religious AT ALL but I do like the traditions of Christmas. I'll miss not being with my family this year but that's my choice. I have been lazy all day today. I'll I've done is watch movies. Being off for two weeks at this time of the year gives me time to be lazy, watch a lot of movies, and lay around doing nothing. Today was one of those days. My car hasn't moved from it's spot for more then 24 hours. I've only left my condo to get the mail. I can really be a slug sometimes. Nothing wrong with that. I enjoy it.

Movies I've watched today:

A Christmas Carol (love this version)
Miracle On 34th Street (another great movie)
Meet Me In St. Louis (is this one gay because of Judy Garland?)
Holiday Inn
The Bishop's Wife

Now one movie I watched this evening that was amazing was “Winged Migration”. I think it might have won an Oscar. I'm not sure. Anyway, it was a great documentary on migrating birds. The visual images were amazing. I don't know how they filmed it but it was spectacular. If you haven't seen it, you really should. While watching it I felt as though I should be sharing the experience with someone. I was wishing that I was still with Shawn. I know he would appreciate the music and images from this film. Maybe he's seen it, I'm not sure. I also think that the holiday is making me think more about him and wishing we were still together. I wonder if he thinks about us like I do. Enough about him. I'll get over him eventually. Despite what I wrote in an earlier posting, time does heal all wounds.

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