Hair Cut

Today I got my hair cut. Below you can see a picture of me. What do you think? Well, I think it looks pretty good. (I know I need to shave. I'm off so why shave? hehehe) Although, when the lady held the mirror for me to see the back of my hair, I realized my hair was getting a little thin on top. As I approach my 40th year I guess it can be expected that my hair won't last forever. My grandfather on my mother's side was completely bald and I hear we get our hair genes from our grandfathers on our mother's side. I have brothers who are loosing their hair much more then I think I am. I mean, it's not like I'm bald or anything. It just looks a little thin on top. And I guess the shorter I get it cut, the more you can see it. Oh well. I won't be a comb over kinda guy or a hair piece kind of guy or even a guy who takes drugs to keep what he already has. I know I'm getting older and I can live with the changes that occur as I age. Plus, I still have a full head of hair…as you can see in the picture. I really shouldn't worry about it, right?

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