New MacBook Air

So…last week I decided to order a new MacBook Air. They haven’t been updated in almost two years except for speed bumps. Since I know they will be updating it soon, I wanted to get a new one before the ports changed. When they released the MacBook they took away all the ports except for the USB type C connection. I like all the ports on the current MacBook Air. I don’t want to lose the SD card slot. So because I don’t want it to change so much. I ordered a new one and it arrived today! Yay! It has the 3.2 Core i7 chip, 8 gig of ram and 512 SSD storage. Of course it’s fast and wonderful. I probably didn’t need to get it. I’m retiring in July and probably won’t use it much unless I travel. Now my husband has the old one. It’s his computer to deal with. If he breaks it, it’s his problem. hehehe

We Clean Up Nice

This evening we went to a vertical wine tasting at Gray Ghost Vineyards in Amissville, Virginia. Gray Ghost is one of our favorite wineries. Each year they have a vertical wine tasting event. A vertical wine tasting is where you taste the same wine from different vintages. We tasted the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve from the 02, 04, 06, 08, and 10 vintages. It’s black tie optional. We always go with the option. We had a great time of course.