Apple Keynote

Today Tim Cook delivered the keynote at the WWDC conference today. Apple introduced a slew of new things. It started with a new 10.5 iPad Pro and an update to the 12.9 inch iPad. I’m no longer buying iPads because all the ones I’ve bought have ended up sitting around my house. I won’t be getting a new one.

Then they talked about updated MacBooks, MacBook Pros and an updated iMac with faster processors, more memory and a new brighter display. My current iMac is 2 years old. It’s the exact same model as the one introduced today except for the updates. Not sure I need one but I might just take the jump. We’ll see. I just got a new MacBook Air in March so I won’t be upgrading that.

Then they announced an amazing looking iMac Pro. It’s got amazing specs and won’t ship until December. There is no way I could afford it but man it looks great and has great specs!

They also updated all the OSs. We’ll see High Sierra in the fall and IOS 11 then too. I’ll upgrade when that happens. They talked about the new watch OS and the new TV OS. Both of which I will update to when they are released.

They also talked about a Home Pod…an Alexa type home assistant. It’s going to be expensive and won’t be released until 2018. I’ll have to keep an eye on that one.