Busy Track

I only walked 2.35 miles this morning. Besides the fact that it was quite chilly, the track was also very busy. I decided to get at least 2 miles in then stop. And the picture isn’t all that interesting today either. I’ll try harder tomorrow.

Disgraceful Trump

This is our president. Such a disgrace to our country.

Sticky Walk

Ugh! Summer hasn’t ended yet. This morning it was hot, humid and sticky. And there were a lot of bugs out there. I walked 2.57 miles on the track this morning. It was gross. But I did take this picture of some pretty flowers with my new iPhone 8 Plus on the walk.

iPhone 8 Plus Walk

I decided to take my phone with me today. I wanted to get a picture for the blog and I wanted to listen to my podcasts. But I don’t use the podcast app that comes with the phone. I use a different app but it doesn’t have a watch app to go with it so I have to listen from my phone. So I took the phone with me. I did get this great picture of a building on the AU campus. Oh, and I walked 3.07 miles on the track this morning.

Walking With A Friend

This morning I met my friend Anita at her house and we walked around her neighborhood. She’s a friend from work..when I did work that is. We had a great conversation along our walk. We walked 3.05 miles. She lives in a hilly neighborhood so my calves were burning by the end. She walks really fast too! It was a good walk!

Phone Free Walk

Today was my first walk with only my new Apple Watch with Cellular. Because of that I didn’t get a picture anything along the walk. I walked 3.14 miles this morning. Here’s a picture when I got home using my new iPhone 8 Plus.

In other news, I am absolutely disgusted with our President for calling the NFL players SOBs for kneeling down during the national anthem. What Trump doesn’t understand is they have the constitutional right to not stand during the national anthem. Trump just shows his stupidity when he says things like this. But the bigger picture is he’s trying to distract us from the horrible health care bill going through congress right now. And from Russia! I won’t get distracted.

Husband Walk

Today my wonderful husband joined me on my walk. We walked in the middle of the day so it was much warmer…close to 90 degrees. We only walked 2.06 miles because of the heat. Here he is walking in front of me because he walks faster than I do.

In other news, my iPhone 8 Plus arrived today. Yay!

New Shoes!

Yesterday I went shopping for some new shoes. I picked up two pairs of shoes. I thought the blue ones would be for walking but I walked with them this morning and the flat part of the bottom of my feet hurt. I think I’ll just wear them for everyday and use my new white pair for walking. We’ll see how we feel after walking with the white ones tomorrow.

In other news, my new Apple Watch has shipped and will arrive tomorrow!!

Fall Leaves

This morning the track was full of the men’s track team so I couldn’t walk on the track. I decided to walk in the neighborhood. I only walked 2.09 miles. I did see these pretty fall leaves along the way. I’m ready for fall!

Beautiful Walk

What a beautiful morning! I walked 3.11 miles on the track. On my way home the sun was out and shining on the grass. It was beautiful!

Before getting in the shower I got on the scale. Slowly losing weight! I’m down almost 10 pounds since I retired.