Trail Walk

Today I walked 2.77 miles on the trail. The fall leaves were beautiful! The weather was just about perfect.

In other news, yesterday the indictments came down for Manafort and Gates and George Papadopoulos plead guilty. I predict Trump will be going down in the near future. Let’s hope!

Tired Walk

We had our Halloween Party last night. I didn’t get to bed until 3:00 AM. I was very tired and it was raining so I had to walk inside. I only walked 2.01 miles.

And here are our costumes from last night. I actually made mine myself. I bought a sewing machine and hemmed the shorts because they were too long and I sewed the stripe on the shirt. It was fun to learn how to use the sewing machine and figure out how to hem shorts and sew on the stripe. There are lots of videos online to show you how to do these things. I love it!

Long Walk

Today I had a really good walk. I walked 3.48 miles on the track at AU. I didn’t take any pictures because I knew I’d be carving the pumpkin. So here’s a shot of our pumpkin. We’re having a party tomorrow night sot he pumpkin is to help decorate for the party. I will also post our costumes on Sunday.

Wine Walk

Today I ended up doing my walking late in the evening and since it was dark, I walked in the building. We participated in an online wine chat about Virginia wine in the evening. During the day I spent making my Halloween costume. I’ll post a picture of it on the weekend. But I bought a sewing machine to do the work. I taught myself how to use the machine and make my costume. Anyway, because of all that, the walk was in the evening. I walked 1.91 miles. I was just too tired to go any further but I did get the 30 minutes of exercise done.

Fall Has Arrived

Today I walked 2.42 miles in the neighborhood. I wanted to see how the fall leaves were progressing. Today was the first day I felt like the leaves actually looked like fall leaves. The colors were so vibrant and bright! I think that’s because of the rain we had a few weeks ago. This one street looks so beautiful!

New Bed

I did not do an early morning walk today. We had a new bed delivered. We got a Sleep Number bed. They use your old bed frame and insert their mattress. You can control the firmness of the bed on each side of the bed. So I was tearing up the bedroom for them to install it and then when they were gone I had to put it all back together. I actually got lots of exercise on the Apple Watch while doing all this. So I didn’t have to walk that far to get the minimum of 30 mins of exercise today. I did end up walking in the late afternoon and going .75 miles, but at the end of the day I went a total of 6.15 miles. I moved a lot today!

Dead Rat

Today I walked 3.17 miles on the track at AU. On the way I saw this dead rat. Well, I think it was dead. It could have been drunk and passed out. I’m not sure. Either way, it was freshly dead because there were no bugs or anything eating at it.

On another note, I went to my 35th high school reunion last night. We had a great time. It was fun seeing old friends and catching up with them. Many had changed and others looked the same.

Fall Walk

It was chilly this morning but it’s going to be warmer today than it was yesterday. I walked 3.16 miles on the track at AU this morning. When the sun came up enough to light up the other side of the track, this is what I saw. Beautiful!

Pretty Morning Walk

It was cold again today but the sun was out and it was a pretty walk this morning. I went to walk about an hour later than usual. I think that’s why it was pretty. The sun was up and it was crisp. I walked 3.12 miles on the track at AU. This picture is close to my building.

Cold Walk

I got back to walking early in the morning today. I walked 3.16 miles on the track at AU. It was 48 degrees! I love the cold but it was a bit cold to be outside that long without something on my legs. I knew it would be getting cold so I got some of those runner pants to wear on these cold mornings. They worked! I wasn’t cold at all. I need to get some runner gloves next. My hands were cold.

On another note, I am just so sick of our president. When he called the woman whose husband died last week in Niger he told her he knew what he signed up for. What an asshole. He is incapable of feeling sympathy for anyone. He is absolutely a horrible person. He’s got to go!

Fall Is Here!

Woke up this morning with temperatures in the 50s. I loved it! But it was a bit rainy and very wet outside. I watched the news and they say it would dry up and the sun would be out in just a few hours. So I waited to do my walk until the afternoon. I didn’t walk on the track though. I decided to walk around the neighborhood. I’ve been watching this house being built for a couple of months now. I’ve been watching since the beginning. It’s really coming along. I wonder if they will have an Open House when they are finished. I’d love to see the inside all finished. Anyway, I walked 2.52 miles in the neighborhood. It was a good workout day!

After Dinner Walk

We went to wineries all day today so I didn’t walk in the morning. I decided to walk after dinner. Because of these delicious potatoes, I was walking the hallways and stairwells at 8:30 in the evening. It was dark so I walked inside. I did walk 2.16 miles though.

The Rain Stopped

The rain finally stopped today but it was foggy and wet outside. I decided to walk on the track anyway. I walked 2.31 miles today. It was a bit sticky but I needed to be outside. If you are keeping track you will see that I tend to walk farther when I walk on the track.