National Mall Walk

Today I met my friend Sean at the National Mall for a walk. We walked 2.18 miles on the mall but I walked to and from the metro so my total miles today was 5.19. WOW! I did such a good job. I got 73 minutes of exercise according to the Apple Watch. It was a really good day!

On another note, the republican tax scam passed today and Trump will sign it soon. It is a disastrous tax plan. While we will see tax cuts in the beginning, most people will have their taxes rise in the next 10 years. This will also add 1.5 trillion to the deficit. I am just sick with this administration. Everyday he does something to ruin this country. And we’re all going to pay for it in the future. 😞

Laundry Room Walk

I walked 2.12 miles today. I started in the basement and decided to take a picture of the laundry room. The weather actually got a little warmer today. It got up to 56 degrees. But when I went to walk it got really dark and cloudy so I decided to stay indoors yet again. Tomorrow and Wednesday will be different.

Concert Walk

Today I only walked .55 miles. This is because we were so busy doing other things that I got all my exercise in without having to do a specific workout. We went to the Joy of Christmas concert at the National Cathedral. We then went to dinner at Cafe Deluxe. The concert was wonderful and we had a great time. Here we are at the concert.

Hallway Pictures

After a long string of low distance walks, I decided to do a long one today. I walked 2.84 miles today. So close to 3! And since I have completed the door decoration posts, I’m back to posting pictures from the hallway. I’ll try to be more creative in the future.

Our Door Decoration

Only 1.56 miles today but I had already done a lot of other active projects that helped me close the exercise ring so I wasn’t too concerned about distance today. Here is our door decoration for this year. This concludes the door decoration posts for this year.

Door Decoration 11

I DID get back to walking today. I walked 2.17 miles today. I even broke an exercise record on my Apple Watch. I exercised for 63 minutes…and that means my heart rate got above the normal rate for 63 minutes. Here is another ugly door decoration. It’s bad because it’s on top of another door decoration they have on their door all the time.

No Walking

Today I got lazy again and didn’t walk. We did go out to date night dinner at Martin’s Tavern in Georgetown. We had a lovely evening. We even went out for another glass of wine after dinner at Cafe Milano. SO I’ll get back to walking tomorrow.