Book Time

I just finished reading Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda. After seeing the beautiful movie Call Me By Your Name, I was ready not to like this American high school semi-drama about a teen coming out. I need to really reserve judgement until I see the movie. The movie that was released on Friday is called Love, Simon. I have a feeling it will be a Disneized version of a film that could have been really good. I am basing that only on the trailers I have seen so far.

But about the book. I did enjoy the book. It was a simple read. Obviously written for the high schooler in mind. The characters were introduced in fast succession so it was a little hard to keep them straight. But the more you get into the book the easier it is. If you are not already familiar with the basic story, find it on Wikipedia. You will find that Simon is a junior in high school who is being blackmailed to keep it quiet that he is gay. He wants to come out and planned to but the guy blackmailing him ruined his plans. At the same time he’s emailing another kid who came out on the schools unofficial Tumblr page.

The characters aren’t that complicated and are easy to understand or even predict their next move. The most complicated character who we slowly learn about is Blue. I was more curious about him than any other character. The writer did a good job of keeping us guessing who he might be…almost to the end of the book.

Without giving too many spoilers, things do work out in the end and you are happy with the ending. No young teen commits suicide and none of their parents reject them. That’s one change in these types of books that I’m happy to say I enjoyed. Overall I enjoyed the book and do want to see how the movie is like or is not like the book. I hope to see the movie later this week. I would recommend the book if you want a quick read in the teen, coming of age kind of story. You’ll enjoy it.

I walked 2.89 miles today.