Book Time

I just finished reading Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda. After seeing the beautiful movie Call Me By Your Name, I was ready not to like this American high school semi-drama about a teen coming out. I need to really reserve judgement until I see the movie. The movie that was released on Friday is called Love, Simon. I have a feeling it will be a Disneized version of a film that could have been really good. I am basing that only on the trailers I have seen so far.

But about the book. I did enjoy the book. It was a simple read. Obviously written for the high schooler in mind. The characters were introduced in fast succession so it was a little hard to keep them straight. But the more you get into the book the easier it is. If you are not already familiar with the basic story, find it on Wikipedia. You will find that Simon is a junior in high school who is being blackmailed to keep it quiet that he is gay. He wants to come out and planned to but the guy blackmailing him ruined his plans. At the same time he’s emailing another kid who came out on the schools unofficial Tumblr page.

The characters aren’t that complicated and are easy to understand or even predict their next move. The most complicated character who we slowly learn about is Blue. I was more curious about him than any other character. The writer did a good job of keeping us guessing who he might be…almost to the end of the book.

Without giving too many spoilers, things do work out in the end and you are happy with the ending. No young teen commits suicide and none of their parents reject them. That’s one change in these types of books that I’m happy to say I enjoyed. Overall I enjoyed the book and do want to see how the movie is like or is not like the book. I hope to see the movie later this week. I would recommend the book if you want a quick read in the teen, coming of age kind of story. You’ll enjoy it.

I walked 2.89 miles today.

Spring is Coming!

I took a walk around our building today and found these lenten roses. We haven’t had many warm days yet but I guess just enough to make these flowers come up. We are expecting a snow storm early this week so we’ll see how strong a hold Spring has. It’s supposed to be the first day of Spring on Wednesday. We’ll see!

I walked 2.29 miles today.

French Toast Breakfast

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Oh my gosh! I was so full after breakfast this morning. My husband made some very delicious French toast this morning. It was so good! But not that great for wanting to lose weight. Too many carbs. But I ate it anyway! It was worth it!

Today I walked 2.11 miles.

Lunch Out Again

Today I went to lunch with a bunch of ladies I used to work with. We went to Panera Bread and I just had a sandwich. Just like yesterday it was fun catching up with these ladies at lunch.

After lunch we went to school for Louise Archer Day. This is an annual event to celebrate the life of our school founder Louise Archer. We also celebrated the life of Judy Azzara who was the principal at the school for almost 25 years. She passed away last year of cancer. Her death was really rough at the time because several other people died of cancer or got cancer last year who all worked at Louise Archer. It was a really emotional event. I really enjoyed it. It was the 79th year of the school so next year will be an even bigger event. I’ll definitely be attending.

Here’s a video of the sixth grade singing their rap.

Today I walked 2.57 miles.

Lunch Out

Today I went to lunch with my friend Jill and her son Max. We went to 2 Amy’s pizza. It’s one of my favorite places to go. I had a pepperoni pizza as I always do. We had a great time catching up and enjoying our meal. We even had a bottle of wine with lunch! How often do you do that?

Today I walked 1.99 miles.

Protesting at the NRA

With all the school shootings in the last few years and with all the young people demanding change and sometimes getting it, I wanted to do something. I’m against guns and want stricter gun legislation. I actually want to ban all assault weapons as well. I joined a group on Facebook who protest at the NRA the 14th of each month. They protest on the 14th because of Sandy Hook. That school shooting took place on December 14, 2012. They stand outside the NRA headquarters and hold up signs showing the NRA they aren’t afraid and want changes. I joined them today to protest against the NRA. It was very cold but sunny. We protested for an hour and was very proud of myself for doing something and joining in.

With the protesting and other walking, I walked 3.07 miles today.

Abandoned Cart

So today I was doing my walk when I got to the 10th floor and saw this cart just sitting in the middle of the hallway. Who left it there? Why wasn’t it returned? Why is it just sitting in the middle of the hallway? So many questions. I eventually ignored it and finished my walk. I walked 2.10 miles in the halls today.

The Baby Crawls

Back in February we had a Mardi Gras party. My husband found the little baby in his piece of King Cake. Since that time he has been hiding the little baby around the house. When I finally find the baby, I then hide it for him to find. Today the baby has moved like three times. This last time he put it on my computer. I need to think of a good place to put it now.

Today I walked 1.87 miles.

Slow Sunday

Today was a slow day. We turned the clocks ahead last night so we slept as long as we could this morning. We didn’t get up until almost 10 am. It was good to sleep. My husband made corn muffins as part of our breakfast this morning. I love those corn muffins. Especially when the are warm and the butter melts. Yum!

This afternoon the sun stayed out longer as you would expect when you move your clocks ahead each year. The sunset was beautiful. I don’t see skies like this too often anymore. Since I moved into the city 3 years ago, I no longer have the views I used to have. I miss those views.

I only walked 1 mile today but I did close the exercise ring. It does’t make sense since yesterday was so off.

Lazy Saturday

We previously had plans to go to dinner at Jill’s house but they had to cancel because Mr. Dail was out of town. So during the day we just went shopping. My husband bought some spring decorating items. We then went to Total Wine and bought a case of wine. We had a coupon and a gift card to use. We got some nice wines.

As we usually do we had crackers and cheese before dinner. I took a picture.

I don’t understand today’s walking. I walked 2.92 miles, 10,570 steps and I still wasn’t able to close the exercise circle on the Apple Watch. Sometimes I think he doesn’t keep track of my exercise very well. Oh well.

Instagram Likes

Tonight for dinner my husband had scallops and risotto. I took a picture of it and put it on Instagram. It is now my most liked picture. As of this posting it has 52 likes. I know that’s not a lot but that is for me. I was very pleased with the number. However, what I think is a good picture usually doesn’t get many likes. I guess it was the tags I used to get it attention. I don’t know. What do you think?

I walked exactly 2 miles today.

Birthday Lunch

Today I went out to lunch with 9 ladies who I used to teach with. It was Kate’s birthday so we all met for lunch to help her celebrate her birthday. It was fun catching up with everyone. I hope to have more of these opportunities in the future. Sandy put me on the list so that I’d be informed when the next lunch is scheduled.

I walked 1.22 miles today.

Cinematic Short Film

Today I decided to make a short film. I did some research and found the best settings on my Canon 80D for a cinematic look to my shots. I then used Final Cut Pro to figure out settings to make it look cinematic in the editing. Notice the letterbox look. I also found a perfect piece of music to go with the video. I think it looks pretty good. It’s very short but I think it looks cool. And hey, subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Today I walked 2.06 miles.

No Picture

I totally forgot to take a picture of anything today. I was busy doing things around the house and ended up getting 13 minutes of exercise before even going on my walk. But I did walk but only had to walk 1.54 miles to complete the 30 minutes of exercise on the Apple Watch.

Concert and Dinner

Late this afternoon we went to a concert at the National Cathedral. The music and singing were beautiful. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Then we went to La Piquette for dinner. I love that place. I had a delicious half chicken while the husband had duck breast. And we had a wonderful bottle of wine. We had a wonderful evening. When we came out of the cathedral the sun was beginning to set and it was the golden hour. Of course I had to whip out the iPhone and take some pictures. I love golden hour.

I walked 1.37 miles before the concert today.

Wineries and Friends

Today we went to two wineries and met some of our wine friends. We went to a barrel tasting at Gray Ghost vineyards. Then we went to Rappahannock Cellars and did a tasting and enjoyed some cheese and crackers. It was a long day but we had a good time. It was nice hanging out with our wine friends.

I walked 1.99 miles today. Not sure why I didn’t get to 2.

Old Time Lunch

Today for lunch I had some old time beefaroni. We ate this a lot as kids. I loved it! Plus today was a very windy day. I think it’s been referred to as #windmageddon. We had some really strong winds. Because of this my husband had the day off. I still walked though. I walked 2.08 miles in the building.

Early Morning Shot

Happy March 1st! It’s cloudy and a bit rainy. Does that mean March is coming in like a lion?

This morning I was laying in bed while my husband was getting ready for work. I thought the scene looked great. I quickly got my camera and tried to get a shot. Tell me what you think.

One thing I learned is that I need some new lenses that have a lower f-stop so that I can take low light photos and not see noise in the photos. I’ll get one.

Today I walked 2.12 miles indoors.

Hair Cut

It’s the last day of February! Today my husband got his hair cut. It was a bit different than he usually gets so I had to take a picture. Not sure if the picture actually captures the changes but I tried.

I think it looks really good. He has that little swoop up in the front that I think is different. I like it.

I walked 2.09 miles inside today.