It’s February 1st! The year is moving along quickly. Earlier this week the Oscar nominees were announced. I love the Oscars. I get excited about it every year. In recent years though I have seen less and less of the movies that have been nominated. And I think some of the movies I’ve seen should have been nominated and weren’t. There are several movies that were released in 2003 that I do want to see. Most of them aren’t in theaters anymore so I’ll wait until they show up on HBO or Showtime.

Movies I’d like to see:

Some of the movies I saw this year and really liked:

Today starts Apple’s promotion to give away 100 million songs from iTunes. Pepsi has special yellow caps on their bottles and if you have a winner, you can download a song free from iTunes. I don’t drink Pepsi (I’m a Classic Coke man), but I’d love to get some of those caps and expand my iTunes music library for free. If you drink Pepsi and find a winning cap, let me have it!

It’s SuperBowl Sunday! Of course I won’t be watching the game for the game. I’ll be watching it for the commercials. All the sunday morning talk shows had some kind of segment on the commercials that will be on this year. They also credited Apple’s famous 1984 ad for starting the whole SuperBowl commercials trend.

Also Survivor starts again tonight. It’ll be the all stars edition. Should be interesting.

Meeting The Friends

Tonight Brad and I met my friend Michael and his boyfriend David for dinner. We went to the Macaroni Grill at the Balston Mall. Brad was very nervous. Michael is the first friend of mine that Brad has met and he wanted to make a good impression. I explained to him that it didn’t matter if my friends were impressed with him or not. All that matters is that we are happy together. Which we are. Anyway, we had a very nice dinner with some very nice conversation. Michael was his usual entertaining self. We enjoyed spending time with them. I told Brad that he now has to meet more of my friends. That instantly sent him into a panic attack. Just kidding. Here is a picture of Michael and David at the restaurant.

Dinner With Brad

I went to Brad's this evening. We decided to go to the Italian Cafe in Falls Church for dinner. We both had the same thing. After dinner we went to Safeway to do some shopping for Brad. He needed some groceries. He's so busy he doesn't even have time to go to the store. Then we went back to his house and cuddled on the couch and chatted about this and that. It was a very nice quiet, relaxing evening.

Back To Work

Well, I finally went back to work today. I was off for 3 days because of the weather. Even today we went 2 hours late. Monday and Tuesday were supposed to be teacher work days and I had a million things to do. So this morning I went to work at my regular time so that I’d have 4 hours before the students arrived to get things done. I actually got done in 4 hours what I had planned to get done on two complete teacher workdays. I didn’t stop once in those 4 hours. I was pretty proud of myself. I got everything done. Of course I’m really tired now but it’s worth it to feel good about having everything done.

Happy Birthday Oprah! She had quite a party for her 50th. I won’t have anything CLOSE to that for my 40th. Although, I am thinking about having a party for my 40th. I’ve got a few months to plan that. I don’t feel 40 at all. I still feel like a kid sometimes. I think that’s probably a good thing. I shouldn’t take things too seriously as though I was 40 years old.

Today at work they were sending around a pool for the Super Bowl. Now, I declined to be included in the pool. I did this because I have no idea which teams are playing the game. The ONLY reason I would watch it is to see the commercials. I always get a good laugh at them. I am actually hoping that Apple will have a surprise add for a 20th Anniversary Mac. I doubt it will happen but it’d be cool if they did. I know they are having a Pepsi and iTunes add about the 100 Million Songs they’ll give away by buying Pepsi and looking under the cap to see if you have won. I don’t even drink Pepsi but I’m tempted to buy some just to get some free songs. Back to the Super Bowl. I don’t even watch the game for the half time show. I don’t really care about it. We have these crazy people at work who will buy 10 blocks on the pool to win $50. It’s fun and all but I just don’t get into the whole hoopla over the Super Bowl.

More Snow!

Well, it snowed about 5 to 6 inches last night. I woke up really early and turned on the news. Sure enough, I didn't have to work today. While I'm happy to have a day off, I'm pissed because I had SO much to do today. It's supposed to snow more with sleet and freezing rain tonight. That might just mess up another day tomorrow. We'll see. I did get out and clean off my car and move it to a better parking space. Having an SUV, it would have been easy to get out and go somewhere today but tomorrow with the ice may be another story. So, I'm being lazy again today. I did some laundry, ran the dish washer and basically just relaxing. I hope to finish a book today and start a new one. I should keep a list of the books I've read lately. I could even recommend titles. I would love to find a gay book club. One where they read gay fiction and meet once a month and discuss the book. I'd love that. I don't know of any such groups. I'm not the kind of guy who would start one either. If you know of a gay book club like that, let me know. Here are some pictures of the snow. I only took a few off my balcony. Didn't feel like taking the camera with me when I went down to clean off my car.


It's snowing in Northern Virginia! 5 to 8 inches are expected (hmm..8 inches is always nice). This will be our first significant snowfall of the season. While I'm looking forward to it's beauty, I am not looking forward to missing work tomorrow. I have a million things I need to do and I'll have to put them off even longer. But, that's life. I'll live with it. Here's a cool joke I found earlier today. I thought it was funny. Maybe you will to.

Brad and a Movie

Brad came over this evening. I cooked scrambled eggs for dinner. Brad even cleaned up! There are some pictures below of him working on the dishes. After dinner we watched the news. Then we kind of flipped around the channels and chatted. Then Brad found “Earthquake” on AMC. So we spent the next few hours watching that movie. We both didn't remember that movie being so long. We laughed at the funny 70's things we saw in the film. I had also forgotten how many stars of the time were in the film. It was fun watching. I also enjoyed laying on the couch with Brad while watching the movie. He's a good cuddler and he's a great guy.


Brad came over this evening. We did not have dinner. He was just coming over to watch a documentary on my VCR. He got here at 6 and we watched the news then we watched the documentary. We chatted for a few minutes after and then he went home. It was a quick, quiet evening. He might be going away this weekend so I'm not sure if I'll see him. We will see.

Photos Of Brad

Brad came over last night. I cooked him dinner. We chatted about this and that. I showed him old photo albums and then showed him all my photos in a slideshow on my computer. We watched Sex and The City. Then we chatted some more. Brad was going to spend the night but couldn't sleep so he went home. 🙁 He let me torture him by taking some more pictures of him. Here are the best ones I was able to take.

A Drink

Brad and I got together tonight. I went to his place and then we went out to dinner. At dinner, we decided to have margaritas. But I didn't care for mine so Brad ended up having his and almost all of mine. We had a nice dinner and nice conversation as usual. By the time we left Brad was just a little tipsy. It think it was the first time I heard him really laugh. When we got back to his house he was petting the cat and I put my face close to the cat and there was a little shock between us and the cat jumped back a foot. Brad thought this was so funny. He was really laughing. It was funny watching him laugh so hard about it. We then spent a few hours laying on the couching talking and relaxing. Brad was getting sleepy after awhile so I decided I should go. We had a very nice evening talking and relaxing. I think I was jabbering too much but he said I wasn't. He's a great guy.

An Evening With Brad

Brad came over tonight. We walked down the street to Subway and got some sandwiches. We brought them back to my place and ate them in the kitchen. I took some pictures of Brad while eating. He DOES NOT like having his picture taken but I can't help it. So below you will see pictures of him while we were eating. I'm sure he will not lik seeing them. After dinner we watched some TV and chatted. It's always enjoyable talking to him. I get to find out more about him each time we are together. Brad got a haircut earlier this week. Doesn't it look nice?

Sorry I posted these pictures, Brad!!

Lunch With Brad

Brad invited me over for lunch today. It was going to be his first attempt at cooking for me. He decided to make spaghetti. When I got to his house he told me of possibly having lunch with his friends so we held off on making lunch. I think he was glad because he already had some fear of adding meat to the sauce. He was unable to choose ground beef at the market so he nixed the meat idea. Probably a good idea. So we sat around and talked about all kinds of things and he showed me all his photo albums. I was able to see what he looked like when he was young. Cute pictures! Then he sat on the couch and I rested my head in his lap while we talked some more. Then his friends Mark, Jim, and Frank showed up and we had some nice conversation with them. Then we went to eat at Silver Diner. His friends are very nice and I enjoyed meeting them and talking with them during dinner (lunch turned into dinner because of the late hour). Then we came back to his house and his friends went home. Brad and I talked for a little while longer. We talked about the possibilities of dating. After discussing the benefits of dating and Brad's fear of the longevity, he decided it would be okay if we dated. So we are going to continue to see each other. Makes me happy. I had a very nice time with him and look forward to spending more time with him in the future.

Photos Of Brad

Brad came over for dinner tonight. I made pancakes….from a mix. I'm not a cook but Brad seemed to like them. He brought his famous syrup and I'll admit, it was good. I'll have to make pancakes for him in the morning sometime. We had a nice time chatting and showing each other things on the computer. I tried taking some pictures of him but he's so camera shy. Here are the ones I was able to take of him. Isn't he adorable? I know you'll agree. 🙂

iPod Mini

Today began the MacWorld Expo in California. I was hopping Apple would introduce a new iMac but they didn't. They did introduce new mini iPods. The new iPods are cool looking, much smaller and hold fewer songs but are perfect for those who don't have thousands of songs (like me) and who like the new smaller, cooler design. They introduced some other things too but nothing of major interest to me. However, one piece of software they did introduce that I quickly ordered was iLife '04. It's a suite of software titles that let you do everything from manipulating photos, creating movies and DVD's, organizing and downloading music to creating your own music. I can't wait to get it! I will both upgrade my current titles and add the ones that are completely new. If you are at all interested in Apple, I suggest you check out their home page ( and see the new products.


Ugh! Back to work today was brutal. I tried to go to sleep at a decent hour last night but tossed and turned for a few hours. That's what I get for getting into a routine of staying up late and sleeping late. I'll get back to my schedule soon I hope. When I got home today I was so tired. I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight. Last night I watched Sex and The City. I'm so glad it's back. I've missed seeing what Carrie and her gal pals are up to. Even though it's a show about straight women, I think gay men can relate to their troubles with men and dating. Of course I won't miss a single episode of this final season. Then I have the Sopranos to look forward to in March. Also, Ab Fab has started up again on Oxygen. Love that silly show too!

Back To Work

As I think about going back to work tomorrow after being off for two weeks I find myself reflecting on the past week and thinking about the people I've spent time with and how much I've enjoyed it. I hope the people mentioned in recent posts aren't bothered by my entries. And for Brad’s friends (I think Sam and Mark…but forgive me if I got the names wrong) I hope you enjoy the updates.


Brad called this afternoon and invited me to run errands with him. He also suggested we see a movie. I got to his place (which is only 5 minutes away…what a bonus!) and after looking online for a movie, we decided to skip the movie. We went to Target and Petsmart to get some things he needed. Then we went to Bob and Ediths for dinner. Finally back to his place for some quiet conversation. The more time we spend together, the more we find out about each. As Martha would say, “It’s A Good Thing.”

Dinner With Brad

After e-mailing back and forth with Brad all week, we decided to get together again. So tonight I invited him over for dinner. I made pasta. I think he enjoyed it. Now Brad is not a television viewer so I made him pick out a movie for us to watch. We watched “The Bridges of Madison County”. I love this movie. It's very romantic and touching. I think Brad enjoyed it as well. It was nice being on the couch with him while watching the movie. Eventually it got to be late and I know that Brad is not a late night kinda guy so I let him go home. We both agreed to see each other again. I told him he had to call me with a plan of something to do tomorrow. We'll see.