Neighborhood Walk

The weather was really nice today so I decided to walk around the neighborhood this time. I walked 2.06 miles again today. I should have gone more but decided to stop just past the 2 mile mark. While in the neighborhood I saw this cute bunny. I just had to take a picture.

Indoor Walk

It was raining this morning so I had to do my walk indoors. I walked down long hallways and up and down stairs in our building to get my walk done. I walked 2.06 miles in the building. It was harder than usual because of the stairs but I did it. Today’s picture is boring but it shows my walking conditions.

No Weekends Off

I say no weekends off but I didn’t get to walk yesterday because of a very busy day. However, I’m back at it again today. I walked a total of 6.06 miles today. I know, that’s a lot but because a shorter 1.69 mile walk this morning, the husband and I went for a long walk up to the Cathedral and all through the gardens so it ended up being a really long walking day. While in the gardens at the Cathedral I took lots of pictures of the flowers. Here’s a beautiful sunflower.

Back To AU

It’s Friday! I’ve kept this up for a week now. I got up and got out to the track at American University to walk. I like to do at least two miles each day. Today I did 2.2 miles. Not as good as yesterday but still above 2 miles.

No Photo Today

I did get out and walk this morning but I totally forgot to take a picture. However, I did walk 2.6 miles. I’m keeping it going. The Apple Watch helps me keep track of all the information you get when you use the exercise app. Here’s a screen shot of my walk information.

More Walking

As you can see in today’s picture, I walked again this morning at American University. I walked 2.35 miles. A little more than yesterday but not sure I can keep adding to the count each day. It was a bit humid this morning.