Shorter Walk Today

It rained all morning so I couldn’t get out and walk. The sky cleared up this afternoon and I was able to get a shorter walk in today. I walked 1.17 miles. It was really humid and the sun was hot. I just couldn’t go anymore. It is just way too hot for October 9th. I really need those cool fall temperatures to return!

All Day Walk

Another day at Radford University. Today was the big day. There were activities all day for Homecoming. I started at 8:00 AM and pretty much walked ALL day. I didn’t get back to the hotel until 9:30 that evening. I ended up walking 10.94 miles!! The most EVER!! I was SO tired but I had a good time attending all the activities. Here’s another shot from the campus.

Campus Walk

Today I drove down to my college for Homecoming weekend. It’s also my 30th college reunion. I walked all over campus a few times today. I took a tour of the campus and did several things. I ended the day with 7.75 miles! It wasn’t done all at one time but over the whole day. That’s the most I’ve walked yet! I was tired this evening. I’m having a great time though! Here’s one shot from the campus.

Thursday Walk

This morning I walked 3.10 miles on the track at AU. Nothing special. Just glad I got my 3 miles in. It wasn’t chilly either. We’ve gotten back to a bit of summer. The sky was beautiful for a short time this morning.

Long Walk

This morning I walked 3.90 miles at the AU track. The conditions were just right for me to walk that far. I was thinking that I might hit 4 miles by the time I got home but it was only 3.90. I got another cool photo while at the track. I am really loving the camera on this iPhone 8 Plus. What do you think of this photo?

Beautiful Dawn

This morning I had an MRI on my right wrist to figure out where some pain is coming from. I had to be there very early this morning. I’ll get the results in about a week I guess. On the way home I saw this sky and just had to take a picture. I think it’s beautiful!

Of course I also walked today. I walked 3.10 miles but it was a little later in the morning. I didn’t take any pictures on the walk though since I had that amazing photo above.

Cool Photo

It was cold again this morning but I wore the sweatshirt again and was able to get 3.14 miles on the track. On the way to the track I passed the power plant for the university. There was a pipe putting out all this steam. From the other side of the track it made for a cool photo. Do you agree?

On another note, I’m just sick with the mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas last night. It’s the largest mass shooting in modern American history. Of course Trump is a horrible president and never says what needs to be said to heal the country.

Cold Walk

Yikes! It was really chilly this morning! But I put on a sweatshirt and got to it! I walked 3.13 miles this morning. I’m going to have to start dressing appropriately for these chilly mornings. Happy October 1st!