Happy Birthday, McSame

Happy Birthday John McCain, you old, stupid, discriminating, memory losing, wife leaving, elitist fuck. With your backwards thinking, warmongering, big business benefiting, Bush loving, house collecting ways, there isn't a chance in hell the American people will put your ass in office.

How appropriate that three years to the day your best friend Bush fucked up New Orleans, another hurricane is on it's way to mess up your group grope in Minneapolis. Surely all your religious wing nut friends will see this as a sign that you shouldn't be allowed to fuck up the country like your buddy Bush did in the last eight years.

Have a great birthday, you douche.

Back To School For The 22nd Time

Today I went back to work for the 22nd year in a row. I swear it gets harder each year. I did not want to get up this morning. But I dragged myself out of bed and went to work.

As usual, we had to sit through several hours of BS and then sit through an hour and a half of little training sessions. None of which I can actually use in my classroom.

I found out I'm going to have 26 students. That's a pretty large class. This may be a tough year. Of course I won't know for sure until I meet the students and their parents and see how needy they'll be.

I guess I'm ready but I wish I would just win the lottery so I wouldn't have to work anymore. I look forward to retirement more and more every year. I have at least 8 more years until that time.

Summer Comes To An End

The summer is over. I start back to work on Monday. I start my 22nd year of teaching. It's been a fun summer but it's gone really fast. I look forward to retirement.

Five things I really enjoyed this summer:
1. Spending lots of time with my loving boyfriend
2. Homer visiting in July
3. Going to several concerts with the boyfriend
4. Going to California for the first time in my life
5. Meeting new friends Mark and Shane

Five things I could forget about this summer:
1. My dishwasher dying
2. Dropping my camera and breaking the lens
3. Dropping my phone and having to replace it
4. The punctured tire
5. All the money I spent this summer

I always look forward to a new school year. New beginnings and such. I hope this year will be less expensive and I hope I have better luck. One thing I know for sure, the boyfriend will be there for me through it all.

Gays For McCain

I know there are some of you gays out there who think John McCain should be our next president but I can't even imagine how you could possibly come to this conclusion. It is well known that he is not a friend of the gays. You may say that it's not about gay issues for you. You say it might be about taxes. Well, you should really look at the economic plans that both candidates have and which plan would benefit MOST Americans. Of course if you are a gay man who couldn't care less about civil rights, you make more than $226,982 a year, and think we should be at war with the world, then go ahead and vote for the old man. At some point you might realize how wrong you were to vote for him.

Clearly you can see from this graphic from The Washington Post (conservative and McCain friendly), that the richest people in the country get the biggest change in their taxes and the poorest people get the least amount of tax relief. I would bet the majority of you fall in the 60% who will see less than a 1% change in your taxes. Isn't that enough reason alone not to vote for McCain? Forget about the civil rights issues. Just look at what he'll do to your taxes and the taxes of all his rich friends. Think people, think.

I've decided I have no time for any gays who would vote for McCain. We simply have nothing in common if you think McCain should be our president. Or any republican for that matter. If you support McCain, you are simply showing your ignorance and lack of education on the issues. McCain is no friend of the gays.

Oh, and check out these videos.

Punctured Tire

Today when I was going to school I passed through a stop sign and heard a noise at the back of my car. As I continued to drive I heard a thumping noise. I thought I had a flat tire. When I got to school (which was only a block away) I looked at the tire and saw what looked like a roofing nail. The tire wasn't flat but it did have a big roofing type nail stuck in the tire. After I worked at school for a few hours, I took the car to Just Tires and had them take the nail out. The job was complicated because I have wheel locks but didn't have the key with me. They said they could take it off but would have to replace it with a regular nut. I said that was fine. Next time I take my car in for service I'll have to have them put the locked nut back on. No problem. So after an hour and a half and $35, the tire is fixed. I hope my luck changes soon.

New Glasses

I went to the eye doctor today and got more evidence that I'm getting old. I had to get a new perscription. I knew it was getting a little harder to see the words when reading. So I get new glasses and now it's much easier to read. I only wear my glasses for reading so I guess my eyes aren't too bad.

Trivial Pursuit

Saturday night, the boyfriend and I went out to dinner with our friends, Mark and Shane and then went back to their house to have a game night. We've been talking about this for awhile and decided to make it happen.

All four of us are of the age that we remember Trivial Pursuit from the 80's. I remember playing that game SO much in the 80's and doing very well. We decided we would play Trivial Pursuit for our game night. Once we got the game all set up and poured a few glasses of wine, the decision was made that we'd play teams. I wanted to play individual but it's probably a good thing we did teams.

The first game was won by Mark and Shane. They actually got all six pieces before the boyfriend and I even got one. I like to think they got really easy questions but I think the truth is they are very smart.

The second game the boyfriend and I won. We did get some easy questions but we also had some challenging ones too. I gave some really stupid answers for a few. I should have listened to the boyfriend. He had the right answer but I was determined I was right. Oh well. Live and learn.

The last game was won by Mark and Shane. The last game was a little harder and took a little longer. We must have gotten to the hard questions in the middle of the boxes. So they won 2 out of 3 games. They are the champs.

We aren't sure what game we'll play next time but I'm sure we'll have as much fun as we did this time. They're great friends and we really enjoy spending time with them. Game nights are fun!

The Vacation AR748 AV103

The boyfriend and I got back from our vacation to California late last night. We went to California to visit the Napa Valley and taste wine. We went to 19 different wineries and tasted and bought lots of wine. While in California we did other things as well. We went to see Old Faithful and The Petrified Forest. On our last day in California we went to San Francisco. We road the street cars up and down Market St. We went to Fisherman's Wharf and then to the Castro to hang with our peeps.

Here are some pictures from our trip:

Famous palm trees from the west coast.

The mountains in wine country.

A huge sunflower we saw.

The vines go right up to the mountains.

Old oak tree.


The boyfriend at the Petrified Forest (somehow the Tungsten filter was on the camera).

Old Faithful (Tungsten filter again, argh!).

The boyfriend at the Golden Gate Bridge (damn that Tungsten).

Market St. near our hotel (Tungsten one more time).

Seagull in flight.

The sea lions at Peir 39.

A seagull thinking about Alcatraz.

The famous Castro theater.

Saw this sticker at the street car stop. Loved it.

Inside a street car.

The boyfriend in bed on our last morning.

The view from our hotel room.

Busy, Busy, Busy!

You would think that I would have lots of time to post on my blog being off in the summer. But it seems like I have kept myself busy with so many other things.

Of course the boyfriend and I have been spending lots of time together going to concerts and wineries and visiting friends. We're off on our vacation on Thursday. We're going to Napa to visit wineries for a few days. I'm looking forward to it because I've never been to California. I know we'll have a great time.

And I only have a few more weeks off until I go back to work. I try to do all the things I like to do while I'm off from work but at the same time I try to do all the things I can only do when I'm off. I've been making appointments and such. I've been to the doctor, dentist, and have an appointment to go to the eye doctor in two weeks. I like to get all this done in the summer so I don't have to take any days off during the school year. I hope to get it all done. That just reminded me that I need to get my car inspected. It never ends.

I've also scheduled the delivery and installation of a new dishwasher. Back in June we had some back thunderstorms and my building lost power a few times. One of those times when the power came back on we had a big power surge and it zapped my dishwasher's electronics. It has worked a few times since then but it's basically dead now. I had a repair woman come out and give me an estimate. The estimate was half the cost of a new one so I decided to forget the repairs and just get a new one. Just one more thing that will be done in the summer so I don't have to deal with it during the school year.

Busy, busy, busy!

Northern Neck

For the last two days the boyfriend and I were on the northern neck of Virginia. We visited my artist friend, Bob. He and his wife treated us so nicely while we stayed with them. We went to see Stratford Hall, the birth home of Robert E. Lee. We toured the grounds and I took lots of pictures. Here's one of Bob and the boyfriend in front of the house.

While on the northern neck, we visited a few wineries and enjoyed the sites along the way. We noticed there were lots of corn fields. The corn looked really healthy.

Lemon Meringue Pie

Homer taught me how to make a pie today! It was his famous lemon meringue pie! He topped it with a five egg meringue. It's currently cooling. I can't wait to have a piece! It took 4 hours to make this pie. Don't try this at home! hehehe Here's some shots from the making of the pie.

This is what the sink looked like when he was done.

Homer’s Here!

This morning I picked up Homer from the metro and promptly brought him home for some breakfast. Luckily, Cheerios are good enough for him.

After breakfast and a shower, the boyfriend and I took Homer to a few wineries. At the first one we decided to stay and have some lunch.

Then we went to two more wineries where Homer guzzled the wine and started feeling it pretty quickly.

At the last winery Homer found a friend to play with. I think he was missing mamma cat.

Homer has been here a few times before.


Tonight the boyfriend and I went to see the National Symphany Orchestra at Wolf Trap play songs from broadway shows with our friends Mark and Shane. We all brought lots of food. Mark and Shane brought some Pringles and I dared the boyfriend to eat one. He did!

Oh, and Homer comes tomorrow!


This AP photo should say it all. 200,000 people heard Obama speak in Germany today. He said some amazing things and inspired many people. I think it's amazing that that many people showed up to hear him speak. Did Europe feel this way about Bush in 2000? When Reagan spoke, only 40,000 showed up, and when Kennedy spoke, only 120,000 showed up. I think 200,000 people is a good sign for Obama.

He’s Back!

Today I picked the boyfriend up from the airport from his vacation. It's so good to have him back. We went out to dinner and then relaxed in the evening. He was tired and his neck hurt so I suggested he take a bath to relax his muscles. Of course while he was in there I had to take a few pictures of him. He was being silly as usual. Don't you love the tan he got while at the beach?