Missing Him

I put the boyfriend on the plane this morning at 6:30 AM. Once he got to Louisiana he e-mailed me to let me know he had arrived safely. I was glad of that. Of course now that he's gone I'm already missing him. We snuggle a lot and I know I'll have a tough time sleeping for several nights until he returns.

The boyfriend making another one of those silly faces at a winery.

Until he does return, I'll be painting. I got the dining room finished today. The color I picked, Grape Vine, is a little more green than I thought it was but I still think it looks good. I have to put the room all back together tomorrow. Once I get it all done I'll post a picture.

Time To Paint

I haven't painted my place for about 8 years. I decided since I got the kitchen renovated in November, and the floors done in June, it was time to paint the living room, dining room, and hallway. So this week I went to Home Depot and got several samples to pick from. I've decided on Grape Vine for the dining room, and Rafia Cream for the hallway and living room. I would show you samples but the Behr website was acting up and I couldn't get them.

The boyfriend is leaving on Thursday for his vacation so I'll be painting while he's gone. He'll be gone for 12 days so that should be plenty of time to get it all done. I probably won't paint again for another 8 to 10 years.

Dinner With A Podcaster

John Ong from Ongline Podcast happened to be in DC this weekend. I could not pass up the chance to meet him. Of course we had to have him, his boyfriend, and their friend over for dinner. The boyfriend cooked cuban chicken. It was delicious. We had a wonderful time. If you don't listen to his podcast, check it out.

Same Pose

I must have at least 100 pictures of the boyfriend like this. We travel to lots of wineries and he always strikes this pose when I go to take his picture. He sometimes alters what side of his face he places the glass but for the most part he looks like this. We went to three wineries on Monday and he made this pose several times but I refused to take his picture because I already have so many like this. He still make the pose though.

Summer Concert

Last night the boyfriend and I went to the National Cathedral to hear the Turtle Island Quartet preform many songs from their new CD “A Love Supreme” The Music of John Coltrane. We loved the music they preformed. Many of the pieces we recognized and found ourselves tapping our feet. This quartet has been around since the late 70's and have a couple of CD's out. You can find them on Turtle Island Quartet - A Love Supreme - The Legacy of John Coltrane. Besides the beautiful music, a couple of them are quite cute…especially the second one from the left. Isn't he cute? Anyway, our Summer Concerts are turning out to be wonderful and we look forward to the others we have planned later this summer.


In case you've been living under a rock or something, the iPhone will be released today. I don't know how you could not know about it. It's been on every news program this week and all over the web.

As a huge Apple fan I would love to have one of these phones. There are 4 Apple Stores within a short distance of where I live. I could go and get in line to be one of the first but I won't be doing that. I love all the features of the phone but I simply can't justify buying it.

I hardly use my cell phone now. It stays off most of the time. I only use it to call the boyfriend or call my voice mail to get my messages. My current cell phone service isn't up until January. Even when that time comes around I don't think I'll be getting the iPhone. Plus, if I did the boyfriend would require I take him out to dinner for a meal that costs close to the same amount an iPhone would cost.

Besides the fact that I barely use my cell phone, and the fact that my current cell phone service doesn't expire until January, I really can't afford the iPhone. The plans they have set out aren't that expensive but it's the cost of the phone that is too high. I got my kitchen renovated this year, just had laminate floors put in, and have other priorities for my money so I can't afford the iPhone.

Now, of course if anyone out there would like to buy the iPhone for me, I'll have the 8gig model, please. I'll take care of activation and the service plan. I'll be happy to send you my P.O. Box address so you can send it my way. Thanks!

Check Up

I had my six month check up this morning and guess what? No cavities! I get to keep me teeth for another six months. Yah! I hate going to the dentist so when I get a good check up I get excited. Well, not that kind of excited but I my dentist is cute.

After Installation

The floor installation was finished last evening. I've spent more than 24 hours vacuuming up all the dust. Man, they created a lot of dust. I had to change the AC filter. It was clogged with dust. I got almost all the furniture put back on my own and my wonderful boyfriend came over to help me with the heavy pieces and then we had lunch. So the house is back to normal for a few weeks. Once the boyfriend leaves for his vacation, I'll be painting the living room, dining room, and hallway. Here's what the living room looks like now with the new floors and the new carpet.

Floors Being Installed

Right now as I type this my laminate floors are being installed in my living room, dining room, and hallway. So far they look really good. The process is moving along a little faster than I thought it would. Of course this could slow down once they get to the hall way and they have to make a lot of cuts. Here's a picture.

Summer Concert

Last night the boyfriend and I went back to Wolf Trap to see Celtic Woman. I thought the music was beautiful. The singing was fine but the music was better. We both thought some of the songs they sang were very Disneyized. The guys in the production were hot of course. This was probably the most attended concert we've been to at Wolf Trap. We were surprised a bit at the amount of people. Of course that made for a crowded lawn area and lots of time sitting in the car when the concert was over. Overall we had a very nice time enjoying the music, our picnic dinner and some nice wine.

Summer Concert

Last night the boyfriend and I went to Wolf Trap Center for The Performing Arts to see Cesaria Evora. The weather was perfect. It was in the high 70's with a cool breeze. We brought a delicious picnic dinner to enjoy on the lawn while listening the music. We picked a nice spot and spread out our picnic items. We teased that we need to have a show about teaching people how to create the right picnic. We have little wine glass holders that you stick in the ground. People always ask us where we got them.

Cesaria Evora is a native of Cape Verde and is famous as the island's top performer of Morna, a mix of West African percussion with Portuguese fados, Brazilian modhinas, and British sea shanties. We didn't understand a word of what she was singing but enjoyed the music. Everyone around us was enjoying the music as well. We had a very butch lesbian couple sitting next to us. We really had a nice time listening the music, eating our picnic dinner, and enjoying some fine wines.

Our next concert is on Sunday. We'll be seeing the Celtic Woman.

Happy Summer Solstice

Today at 2:06 summer began. We will have lots of daylight today… like almost 15 hours. Yesterday the boyfriend and I went to the National Cathedral to have dinner at the Bishop's Garden and to hear Chris Brubeck's Triple Play. He's the son of famous jazz musician Dave Brubeck. We had a wonderful dinner and enjoyed the music. It was a great way to begin our summer concert series. We have several concerts scheduled for this summer.

The boyfriend enjoying a glass of wine.

Look at that double chin.

Area Rugs

Next week I'm getting laminate floors installed in my living room, dining room and down the hallway to the bedrooms. Since I'm in a high rise condo, I have to have 70% of my floors covered with sound deadening material. Because of this, I ordered some carpets from Pottery Barn. They arrived today. I told Homer about this and he says I have to post pictures of the carpets I selected. I might have spent too much on them. Oh well, you only live once. Here are pictures of the carpets I selected. Of course I stole them from the Pottery Barn website. The one on the left will be in the dining room and the one on the right will be in the living room. Once the floors are done and the carpets are down I'll take a picture.

About Time

“Federal Court Rules in Favor of Enemy Combatant”

It's about time federal courts started ruling against the Bush administration. According to the Washington Post article*: “A federal appeals court today ruled that President Bush cannot indefinitely imprison a U.S. resident on suspicion alone, and ordered the government to either charge Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri with his alleged terrorist crimes in a civilian court or release him.” Hopefully this is just the first of many rulings against the Bush administration. He needs to stop stepping on the constitution and thinking he's all that and a bag of chips.

*Free registration required to read the article online.