Seems Like

It seems like my blog has turned into a video blog. While that may look like the case, it isn’t. My latest hobby is creating videos and posting them to my YouTube Channel. I embed them here so those who don’t go to my YouTube Channel can see the videos.

However, I am still looking for birds, still taking lots of photographs, and still think of things to share on the blog. Just the other day I was at Scotts Run Nature Preserve recording video and taking pictures. One of the pictures I took was of the waterfalls. I slowed down the shutter speed and adjusted the other settings for the light conditions and came up with what I think is an amazing photo. Click the picture to make it bigger to see the detail.


I do have lots to say about the current happenings in the world and the US but I just haven’t spent time to write them down or to even record a video of how I feel about them. Maybe soon I’ll do just that. In the mean time, enjoy the videos and keep checking in. Actually, I don’t even know if anyone is coming to the blog anymore. We’ll see.

Another Year Closer To Retirement

Today I finished my 27th year of teaching. That brings me closer to retirement. I haven’t had any official estimate of when I can actually retire but I do think it’s between 3 and 5 years. Next fall I’ll get an estimate of when I can actually retire. However, I am ready to retire now. If I could only win the lottery, I’d retire tomorrow!

I’m Turning 50

50th30 days from today I’ll be 50 years old. I don’t think turning 50 is a bad thing. I don’t usually stress over birthdays so this one should be reached without much fanfare. Things are pretty good right now. I have a solid career that I’ll be retiring from in the next 3 to 5 years. My relationship is very strong. We’ve almost been together for 10 years. I have several hobbies that keep me busy in my free time. I would like to be making more money but that’s what I get for taking a public sector job. I’m pretty materialistic and always want more things but I hope in my older age I’ll put less importance on items. I would like to be thinner and be a bit healthier but I make choices that won’t make that happen unless I change my ways. Overall though I’m pretty happy and pretty content in my life right now. I don’t think turning 50 will have too much of an effect on me. It’s a milestone birthday but I don’t expect much to change.