Scenic Walk

This morning I walked 2.6 miles on the track at AU. While on the track I saw a beautiful sunrise, some young hot ROTC men running, and on the way home I saw this beautiful church. It’s been there all along but the sun was hitting it just right this morning.

Rain Day Walk

Ugh! It was raining today so I had to walk inside. I hate walking inside. I can’t wait until my building finishes the gym in our basement. Then I’ll walk on the treadmill. So today I walked 2.07 miles in the halls and stairwells of our building. I don’t get my heart rate up enough when I walk inside to really make it a workout. But I did get 33 minutes of heart rate level exercise in today. Here’s one thing I saw on my walk inside today.

Monday Walk

I had an early morning Dr. appointment so I had to walk in the middle of the day. I walked 2.59 miles on the track today. The sun was out so it was warmer than usual. Also, since I was on the campus during the day there were tons of students walking around. Usually I don’t see anyone because I’m there so early but today there must have been 1000 kids walking around. Some were worth looking at. hahaha Here’s a picture of some flowers I saw on my walk.

Sunday Morning Walk

I walked 2.23 miles this beautiful morning. It was 61 degrees and low humidity. Just like yesterday, my kind of weather. And the sky was pretty too. I didn’t have any podcasts to listen to so I cranked up my Madonna playlist and walked to the beat of the music. I’m old school Madonna so none of the newer stuff she’d done. Most of mine is from the 80s and 90s. Here’s the sky this morning.

Mid Day Walk

Because of an early morning doctor’s appointment I had to do my walking in the middle of the day. It was warmer but I was able to get back to the trail. I don’t like to walk on the trail during the day because there are too many students and other people on the track. So I walked 2.90 miles on the trail today. It was sunny and bright.

Looked Like Rain

I walked 2.61 miles at the track today. The temperature was nice and cool and the sun wasn’t out so I did an extra lap around the track. It looked like rain the whole time though. It wasn’t until I was walking back home that the clouds began to part and the sun came out.

Keeping Up

Today my husband went back to work. I could have stayed in bed and slept a lot longer but decided I’m going to keep up with my walking. I walked 2.28 miles at the track this morning. It was still humid but it’s still supposed to get nicer this week. Maybe tomorrow.

Pretty Sky Walk

The sky was pretty but it was still humid this morning. I walked 2.22 miles on the track today. Supposedly we are getting some storms tonight that will change the temperature and the humidity tomorrow. I can’t wait. Here’s a shot from my walk today.

Eclipse Day Walk

Got up early again and walked 2.37 miles at the track. I was excited to see the sun this morning because that means I’ll be able to see the eclipse later today. We will only about 80% coverage but I’m still looking forward to it!

New Awards Achieved

Even though I only had about 4 hours of sleep last night (late dinner party) I did get up and do my walk this morning. I walked 2.20 miles at the track. The sunrise was beautiful this morning and the humidity was way down. Here’s a shot of the sunrise. Also, at the end of this morning’s walk, I achieved two more awards through the workout app on my Apple Watch. I’ve posted them below. I keep going and I’m feeling pretty good about my progress!

Beautiful Sky

I walked 2.30 miles at the track early this morning. The humidity was down because we had a huge rain storm last night. So it felt decent to walk this morning and the sky was absolutely beautiful!! Here’s a shot of the sky this morning.

Cloudy Walk

It was very cloudy and even dark on the track this morning. And it was very humid again today. Ugh! I hate this muggy weather. But I did walk 2.30 miles and was full of sweat when I got home. Here’s a shot of the track while walking this morning.

Sticky Walk

I walked 2.38 miles today on the track at American University. It was sticky as hell outside. The humidity was so thick. When the weather is like that I sweat like hell. My shirt was soaked when I got back. I have to keep walking but I hate when the weather is like this. Here’s a shot of the pretty sky this morning.

Foggy Morning Walk

Today I walked 2.21 miles at the track at American University. It was foggy out this morning and very humid. It’s gonna be hot today. Here are a few shots to show the fog.

Trump went off the rails again yesterday. He defended the white supremacists, the KKK and Nazis…you know, his base. He is absolutely the worst President we’ve ever had. He’s a disgrace. I’m saddened by his words. He’s an idiot.

Trump Is A Shithead

I just can’t even begin to describe how I feel today. When the President of the United States comes out defending white supremacists, the KKK and Nazis, there isn’t much else you can say. He clearly is trying to play to his base. I say keep talking Mr. President. You will talk your way out of a second term (crossing fingers) and possibly out of the White House during your first term. In case you are reading this at a later date, look up the news for his date and you will see what I’m talking about. The man is a true idiot. He is not my President.

On a different note, I did walk today. I had to walk indoors because of the rain we had today. I walked 2.25 miles down the halls and up and down the stairs at my building. On the third floor I saw this and thought it was good in case Trump gets crazier than he is already.

Almost Rained

Because of an early morning dentist appointment I had to walk in the afternoon. It was cloudy all day and I wasn’t sure if it was going to rain or not but I really wanted to get my 2 miles in. I walked up to the track at American University and started my walk. During the second lap around it did start to sprinkle a little but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I continued to walk. I walked 2.33 miles and the rain never came. It sure looked like it was going to rain though.

Sunday Morning Walk

I skipped walking on Saturday to take a day off but I was back at it again this morning. I walked 2.17 miles at the track at American University. It rained a lot yesterday so the track was wet but the weather was beautiful. Here’s a shot from the campus.

On another note, I was sickened yesterday by the death and violence in Charlottesville. We have visited the town many times and my father lives there now. Trump did not denounce the violence by the white supremacists. Instead blamed “many sides” for the violence. These people are a dying breed and Trump should have called them out for what they are, terrorists. This is not the America it should be in 2017. We already fought a war against the Nazis. We shouldn’t be doing it again and not on American soil. I’m disgusted with Trump and his ilk. I stand with #charlottesville

Trail Walk

The Glover-Archbold trail was starting to dry out so I decided to walk on the trail today. I walked 2.11 miles today. The scenery is always gorgeous but the rocks and tree roots makes it easy to trip. I saw this beautiful scene while walking.