He’s Home!

Today my husband came back from his trip to New Orleans to spend time with his parents. We went out to dinner instead of cooking. He’s going to be doing a lot of cooking over the next two days so he wanted and easy evening. It’s good to have him home again!

In-Law Walk

Before my walk today we went to the airport to pick up my husband’s parents. They will be staying with us for 10 days to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. In the afternoon I did walk 2.06 miles and got 47 minutes of exercise. Yay! The watch came through today!

Christmas Day

Yesterday my mom and I drove down to Richmond to my sister’s house. We were meeting a good chunk of my family to celebrate Christmas.


We started with a delicious meal that my brother-in-law and my sister cooked. It was really good and I ate way too much.


We then opened presents. This always stresses me out. My mother told me we weren’t doing Christmas gifts this year so I didn’t buy anything. When we sat down to rest, everyone passed out gifts! I was a bit mad and embarrassed that I didn’t have anything. I hate when that happens. I got over it though.


As the day was coming to close some of my family members left to go home. My mother and I were staying over with my sister so we decided to play several games of Rummikub. I won four games! It was fun. We had a great visit but it was nice to come home today.