Egg Casserole

I wasn’t hungry when I got up this morning because of eating a big dinner last night. But later in the morning I was so I decided to make my own personal egg casserole. I put eggs, ham and cheese in it and cooked it in the oven. It was delicious. I’m NOT a cook but I can make simple things that I enjoy.

I walked 1.55 miles today.

Time For A Wedding!

My niece is getting married tomorrow. My husband and I drove to Columbus, Ohio today to attend the wedding. This evening we went out to dinner with my sister and her family. Here we are at dinner. My husband used my phone to take the picture. That’s why he’s not in the picture. We had a great time catching up and talking about the upcoming wedding.

I walked 1.18 miles today.

Retired Group

Recently I joined a MeetUp group for retired, gay guys. We do things during the day while our spouses are working. Today was the first meeting I joined. We had lunch at a guys house. I brought my lunch but most guys walked to the local burrito place and bought their lunch. I met a few new guys and we all talked about all kinds of things. It was a couple of hours of socializing and I enjoyed it. I’m signed up for a few more gatherings in the weeks to come. Here’s a picture I took of one group of guys having lunch. Not the best picture because I caught them mid chew. hahaha

A total of 3.31 miles today.

Date Night Dinner

Tonight we went to 2 Amys for dinner. I love their pizza. I always get the same thing…pepperoni.

I also posted a new video today. I thought I’d start putting Legos together and see how many views I might get. Some channels get tons of views.

I walked 1.97 miles today.

New Meet Up Group

Recently I joined a new meet up group. It’s a group for guys who are free during the day who want to get together with other guys who are free during the day to do different things like having lunch, going on walks, etc.

The first meet up was to get lunch together. I met all these guys at a restaurant in Arlington. All the guys were very nice. I met two who sat near me and we got along really well. We laughed and had a good time getting to know each other. I really had a good time and was glad I joined the group. I’m looking forward to the next get together!

I walked 2.27 miles today.

French Toast Breakfast

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Oh my gosh! I was so full after breakfast this morning. My husband made some very delicious French toast this morning. It was so good! But not that great for wanting to lose weight. Too many carbs. But I ate it anyway! It was worth it!

Today I walked 2.11 miles.

Slow Sunday

Today was a slow day. We turned the clocks ahead last night so we slept as long as we could this morning. We didn’t get up until almost 10 am. It was good to sleep. My husband made corn muffins as part of our breakfast this morning. I love those corn muffins. Especially when the are warm and the butter melts. Yum!

This afternoon the sun stayed out longer as you would expect when you move your clocks ahead each year. The sunset was beautiful. I don’t see skies like this too often anymore. Since I moved into the city 3 years ago, I no longer have the views I used to have. I miss those views.

I only walked 1 mile today but I did close the exercise ring. It does’t make sense since yesterday was so off.

Birthday Lunch

Today I went out to lunch with 9 ladies who I used to teach with. It was Kate’s birthday so we all met for lunch to help her celebrate her birthday. It was fun catching up with everyone. I hope to have more of these opportunities in the future. Sandy put me on the list so that I’d be informed when the next lunch is scheduled.

I walked 1.22 miles today.

Old Time Lunch

Today for lunch I had some old time beefaroni. We ate this a lot as kids. I loved it! Plus today was a very windy day. I think it’s been referred to as #windmageddon. We had some really strong winds. Because of this my husband had the day off. I still walked though. I walked 2.08 miles in the building.


Tonight for dinner we had some leftovers from the Mardi Gras party we had last night. I had some delicious meatballs and Mac and cheese. My husband ate more than I did. As you can see we are using the leftover plates too!

1.86 miles walked indoors.

Egg Casserole

When I got up this morning I decided I wanted something different for breakfast. I was tired of eating cereal or spending the time to scramble eggs and all that. Instead I took those eggs and put them in a container. I put some cheese and ham and some old bread and made an egg casserole. While it was cooking I decided to do my walk. I only walked 1.33 miles while it was cooking. But the casserole was perfect! It was small enough to have for breakfast and was cooked just right! It was delicious!

Back To The Hall

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! I hope you took some time to think about his contributions to our country and our world.

I got back to walking in the hall to get my exercise all at once instead of spreading it out throughout the day. I walked 2.16 miles in about 40 minutes. And of course since there is nothing to look at in the hall, I have a hall picture to share.

For dinner my wonderful husband baked a chicken! It was delicious.

By the end of the day I had walked 4.43 miles and got 10,180 steps.

Date Night Walk

2.76 miles today. I went so far because I counted the distance from the car to the restaurant for date night dinner. We went to 2 Amy’s for pizza. It was good! We had a nice bottle of wine can caught up on the date. It was a lovely evening.

New Year’s Eve Dinner

Each year on New Year’s Eve we have a dinner party. We invite lots of friends over and those who don’t already have plans join us for a fun meal and watching the ball drop at midnight. I’ve already set the table and my husband has been cooking all day. This post will be updated later with more pictures from the evening. I haven’t mentioned walking or exercise in the last few posts but know that I’m still exercising and getting my 30 minutes each day. The new year will begin and I’ll continue my exercise.

Here’s the table set for the evening.

We had a wonderful dinner! We were so glad we could celebrate with many of our friends.

Some didn’t make it all the way to midnight but those that stayed rang in the new year with bubbles! Happy New Year!

Yearly Wine Dinner

For the last 10 years a bunch of wine friends have gathered at our friend Susan’s house to have dinner, enjoy wine and chat about this and that. Tonight’s dinner was the 10th time we’ve done this. This time we were celebrating Susan’s retirement. Susan is the one sitting to my right in the picture. My husband cooked the main dish for the meal and others brought the sides. Susan provided the wine because she’s got an amazing wine cellar. We all had a great time!

Here my husband helps Susan select some wines for the meal.

Here we are cooking in Susan’s kitchen.

Here’s the whole group about to enjoy the meal.