Lunch Out Again

Today I went to lunch with a bunch of ladies I used to work with. We went to Panera Bread and I just had a sandwich. Just like yesterday it was fun catching up with these ladies at lunch.

After lunch we went to school for Louise Archer Day. This is an annual event to celebrate the life of our school founder Louise Archer. We also celebrated the life of Judy Azzara who was the principal at the school for almost 25 years. She passed away last year of cancer. Her death was really rough at the time because several other people died of cancer or got cancer last year who all worked at Louise Archer. It was a really emotional event. I really enjoyed it. It was the 79th year of the school so next year will be an even bigger event. I’ll definitely be attending.

Here’s a video of the sixth grade singing their rap.

Today I walked 2.57 miles.

Lunch Out

Today I went to lunch with my friend Jill and her son Max. We went to 2 Amy’s pizza. It’s one of my favorite places to go. I had a pepperoni pizza as I always do. We had a great time catching up and enjoying our meal. We even had a bottle of wine with lunch! How often do you do that?

Today I walked 1.99 miles.

Birthday Lunch

Today I went out to lunch with 9 ladies who I used to teach with. It was Kate’s birthday so we all met for lunch to help her celebrate her birthday. It was fun catching up with everyone. I hope to have more of these opportunities in the future. Sandy put me on the list so that I’d be informed when the next lunch is scheduled.

I walked 1.22 miles today.

Wineries and Friends

Today we went to two wineries and met some of our wine friends. We went to a barrel tasting at Gray Ghost vineyards. Then we went to Rappahannock Cellars and did a tasting and enjoyed some cheese and crackers. It was a long day but we had a good time. It was nice hanging out with our wine friends.

I walked 1.99 miles today. Not sure why I didn’t get to 2.

Mardi Gras Party

This evening we had a Mardi Gras party. We had about 12 friends over and enjoyed some wonderful food created by my husband. We also enjoyed lots of wine and great conversation. Of course I was so wrapped up in the party I totally forgot to take any pictures. However, here’s one of the decorations we used.

A total of 3.47 miles today.

Winery Visit

Today we met the Dails at Gray Ghost Winery for the library tasting event. We started with a regular tasting and then went down to the barrel room to enjoy some older vintages of their wines. Our wine friend Susan also joined us for the event. It was a fun event. We then went up to the lounge to enjoy a bottle of their Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. My husband and I do this every year for his birthday. We always enjoy our time at Gray Ghost. We then went to dinner with the Dails at Two Amys. Yum!

Walked a total of 2.40 miles today.

Birthdays with Friends

Tonight we had the Dails over for dinner. It was Jill’s birthday on January 3rd so we decided to celebrate some more. I made a dark chocolate cake for the two of them. We had lots of wine and tons of fun. We love our friends!

I only walked 1.12 miles today.

New Year’s Eve Dinner

Each year on New Year’s Eve we have a dinner party. We invite lots of friends over and those who don’t already have plans join us for a fun meal and watching the ball drop at midnight. I’ve already set the table and my husband has been cooking all day. This post will be updated later with more pictures from the evening. I haven’t mentioned walking or exercise in the last few posts but know that I’m still exercising and getting my 30 minutes each day. The new year will begin and I’ll continue my exercise.

Here’s the table set for the evening.

We had a wonderful dinner! We were so glad we could celebrate with many of our friends.

Some didn’t make it all the way to midnight but those that stayed rang in the new year with bubbles! Happy New Year!

Yearly Wine Dinner

For the last 10 years a bunch of wine friends have gathered at our friend Susan’s house to have dinner, enjoy wine and chat about this and that. Tonight’s dinner was the 10th time we’ve done this. This time we were celebrating Susan’s retirement. Susan is the one sitting to my right in the picture. My husband cooked the main dish for the meal and others brought the sides. Susan provided the wine because she’s got an amazing wine cellar. We all had a great time!

Here my husband helps Susan select some wines for the meal.

Here we are cooking in Susan’s kitchen.

Here’s the whole group about to enjoy the meal.

Walking With A Friend

This morning I met my friend Anita at her house and we walked around her neighborhood. She’s a friend from work..when I did work that is. We had a great conversation along our walk. We walked 3.05 miles. She lives in a hilly neighborhood so my calves were burning by the end. She walks really fast too! It was a good walk!

4th of July

Last night we went to dinner at the Dails’ house. They made a traditional 4th of July meal of hamburgers and hotdogs. Of course I had one of each. We had a great time enjoying wine and catching up with everyone. It was raining when the fireworks started so only the young ones went to watch and the rest of us stayed inside and had another glass of wine. It was a fun evening!

Two Year Anniversary

Today is our 2 year anniversary! We got married two years ago today. Here we are pictured with our best friends, the Dails on our wedding day. They were our witnesses and they put on our reception. We still get together and enjoy dinners and wine together. Happy Anniversary to us!


We have finally decided to get married. On Friday evening I asked my partner if he would marry me and he said yes. We have decided on a February wedding since that will be our 10th anniversary.

Today we joined some good friends of ours at a winery to enjoy wine tasting, lunch, and to celebrate our engagement. They brought a cake to help celebrate. Here’s a picture of us holding the cake of course. It was delicious!


50th Birthday

Friday evening I had a little birthday happy hour with some friends from work. It was a great way to celebrate my 50th birthday. I had a great time and probably had a bit too much wine by the end of the evening. Here are some photos from the evening. Thank you, Warren!


50th Birthday

Today is Warren’s 50th birthday! Happy Birthday! Last night we went to a local restaurant with some close friends and had a wonderful dinner with some wonderful wines. After dinner we went back to Warren’s house to enjoy some cake and ice cream. Warren opened his gifts as well. We had a great time catching up with our friends and celebrating Warren’s 50th birthday. I’m now younger than he is…until the end of May. Here are some pictures from the evening.

Halloween Party

Last night we had our 2nd annual Halloween party. We had about 15 friends over for an evening of food, wines, and friends. I made cupcakes and cut the pumpkin. My partner pretty much did everything else. Everyone had a great time and we selected the Salam witch as the costume winner and the genie from Aladdin was the runner up. Here are some pictures from the evening. As you can see in the last photo, I was dressed in a toga and my partner was a Tudor prince.

A Wedding

On Saturday we went to a wedding. Our friend’s Dorothy and Laura got married. It was a beautiful affair. We had a great time. I would have more pictures but they requested we not take pictures during the ceremony. And the pictures I did take were with my iPhone. I didn’t have my big camera with me. Below is one of the beautiful table setting and of when Dorothy and Laura were cutting the cake. During dinner I sat next to the minister. I thought that was funny since I’m an atheist. She didn’t mind at all. Turns out the lady sitting on the other side of the minister was an atheist too….but she called herself a humanist. I think it’s the same thing. Anyway, we had fun dancing and chatting with other guests and celebrating with Dorothy and Laura.