Cinematic Short Film

Today I decided to make a short film. I did some research and found the best settings on my Canon 80D for a cinematic look to my shots. I then used Final Cut Pro to figure out settings to make it look cinematic in the editing. Notice the letterbox look. I also found a perfect piece of music to go with the video. I think it looks pretty good. It’s very short but I think it looks cool. And hey, subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Today I walked 2.06 miles.

Christmas Eve

I did not go on a walk today but my overall miles for the day was 3.92. That was just walking around doing the things I was doing. Since it was Christmas Eve today, I decided to have pizza and watch Christmas movies. I watched Christmas In Connecticut among others. It was a nice relaxing day.

Dead Poets Society

I was a bit moved by the passing of Robin Williams yesterday. So sad his depression got the best of him. I watched much of the coverage on TV about his life and death. Of course it reminded me of all the movies I’ve seen him in. I really liked Good Will Hunting and Dead Poets Society the most. I guess I preferred his serious roles to his comedic roles.

Oh captain, my captain!

This evening I watched Dead Poets Society again to remind me why I liked it so much. His character really inspired those students to think for themselves and live for the day. Seeing it today though made me see the political message. At private schools at that time in our history, conformity was the rule. He was teaching them not to conform. I love that! The movie means a lot more today then the first time I saw it.

I think Robin Williams will be missed. He certainly left an impression on our film history. While watching Dead Poets Society, I saw on Facebook that Lauren Bacall died today. That’s two greats in as many days. Who will be next?

First Holiday Movie

YouveGotMailEvery year at this time I enjoy watching holiday movies. I usually watch my favorites like The Bishop’s Wife, Christmas in Connecticut, The Man Who Came To Dinner, and of course A Christmas Carol. There are others but I really enjoy those.

This year I decided to start the season with a semi-holiday movie. Last night I decided to watch You’ve Got Mail. I selected this one because it takes place during the Thanksgiving/Christmas time frame. Well, the ending takes place during the spring but most of the movie is during the holiday season.

I love this movie because I love romantic comedies. I think Meg Ryan was in her prime at that time and Tom Hanks was pretty good as well. This movie has a lot of technology in it but it wasn’t really showcased that well. For example, both the main characters were using laptops. One was a Mac and one was a PC. I liked the Mac of course. However, at several times during the movie they showed the laptops and I only remember one time where the laptops were actually plugged into a phone line. Remember this movie was probably made in 1997 and released in 1998 before wifi. The average person probably won’t even notice these things but I did. At that time I was all about AOL and connecting with people in the chat rooms and through email so I enjoyed the technology in the movie.

But I also enjoy a good love story. I like the way Tom Hanks character plays with the Meg Ryan character for a few months, working her into a relationship before she even knows it. And the fact that it takes place during the holidays is just a bonus. Also, the movie is actually a remake of The Shop Around The Corner which is also a holiday movie. I like that movie too but I prefer the remake.

Anyway, I consider this my first holiday movie this year. This weekend I’m sure I’ll be catching up on my favorites but until then, I’ll savor this first holiday movie I’ve seen this year.

The Hangover

I know I’m behind the times and all but last night I watched The Hangover. It was on HBO on Saturday and I DVRd it. It’s got to be one of THE funniest movies I’ve ever seen. Have you seen it? The cast they picked was just perfect. All the women though were insignificant to the men. Bradley Cooper is absolutely adorable and has a GREAT body. I haven’t seen many movies of his but he was really good in this movie and not just because he’s so good looking. I’m not familiar with Ed Helms or Justin Bartha (cute though) but I know Zach Galifianakis and he was very funny in this movie.

I like how they set up the plot and laid it all out before we got to find out all the shit that happened. Revealing all the details of what happened that evening took the whole movie of course but they way one thing lead to the next was funny. Mike Tyson was in the movie but I didn’t really like his role. The rest of the characters were just right. There’s nothing bad to say about the filming, music, or location selection. This movie could only take place in Vegas. As they say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

I give this movie four out of five As. The only reason it doesn’t get a perfect five is because I didn’t like Mike Tyson. One other thing I should mention. You have to stay for the credits…SO much is revealed during the credits. Some of the funniest stuff actually is revealed during the credits. I really enjoyed this movie.

Netflix for iPad

So last night I reactivated my Netflix account and downloaded the Netflix app on the iPad. It’s a pretty good app. I can watch movies instantly. However, you have to have a wifi connection. It won’t work using the 3G. No big deal. I make my iMac a wifi hot spot and the iPad connects to it. The movies load really fast. If you have Netflix and an iPad, consider getting this app. It’s free!

Last night I watched Sunshine Cleaning. It was okay. I like Amy Adams and her part was pretty good but the movie overall wan’t that great. This one only gets two out of five A’s.

Tonight I watched Breakfast With Scot. I have the book but never got around to reading it. The movie was about a gay couple who take care of boy temporarily. The boy is gay and one of his “fathers” (Tom Cavanah) has a hard time dealing with the boy being gay. The movie basically continues with this storyline. It’s a cute story. I enjoyed it. The only thing I didn’t like was some of the scenes filmed included the microphone. I would think the film editor would see this and cut that out. Check out the picture below. Anyway, it was a decent movie. I’d give it three out of five A’s.

Here’s how creative I am. I don’t have a stand for my iPad to hold it horizontally. So I took a kleenex box and cut a slit in it just enough to hold the iPad horizontally. It worked pretty well.


I don’t read comic books or graphic novels so I’m not at all familiar with Watchmen. Last night I was flipping through the channels and found Watchmen playing on HBO. I’d only missed the first few minutes….credits mostly…of the movie so I decided we should watch this one. Most of my readers are probably familiar with the movie since it was a big hit last year.

I won’t say that I particularly liked the movie, I just found myself sticking with it to see what happened next. Also, once we saw the big blue penis, we had to stay to see what other things we might see. After a few more scenes, the boyfriend decided the movie was grossly violent and depressing. I wouldn’t go that far. Yes, it was very violent with lots of blood and death but I don’t think it was depressing exactly. What the boyfriend didn’t know was that it was supposed to be an alternate history where superheros help the government win wars and control crime.

I think what kept me watching, besides the blue penis, were all the references to history. Several scenes had the twin towers in the background. There was a Macintosh SE30 painted black on a desk in one scene. There was lots of music from the 60’s and lots of period clothing from different decades. I just kept watching without necessarily following the story. I did enjoy the imagery…the doom and gloom of the Nixon years, the wars, etc. I found it funny they let Nixon win a third term in the alternate history.

Mark over at Running With Blue Sponge has begun rating the movies he sees with sponges ranging from 1 to 5….5 being the best. I’m going to steal his idea and begin to rate the movies I see with A’s. I use the same scale he does. So knowing that, I’ve decided to rate this one three A’s.

Day 218 of 365

It’s a shame that only 9 republicans voted in favor of Sonia Sotomayor today. I hope it comes back to bite them in the next election cycle.

So sad that John Hughes died today. I loved his movies from the 80s and 90s. I think many people my age remember those movies…Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, etc.


Mamma Mia

This morning I went to see Mamma Mia. It was the first time in my life that I went to a movie by myself. The boyfriend is still on vacation so he couldn't go with me. I was just in a mood to see a movie. I went to the 9:50 AM show because I was up and wanted to get the lower price. Even at the matinee price of $6.00, it was probably too much to pay to see the movie. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed seeing the movie. The story was fun, and I thought Amanda Seyfried did a great job acting and singing. And of course there were several hot guys to see in the movie. But the older people in the movie were awful singers and shouldn't have done any singing. I love Meryl Streep but at times in this movie I thought she was over acting and it seemed fake. Anyway, I did enjoy going to the movie and it wasn't too odd going alone.

Time To Purge

It's been a busy day. I heard late last night that the boyfriend arrived safely after a five hour delay at the airport. I felt sorry for him because from the time I dropped him off and the time he arrived in New Orleans it had been about 10 hours. Poor thing. I'm sure he rested last night and is enjoying his family now.

I've been very busy. Without the boyfriend to fill my time, I've been cleaning and organizing and purging crap in my condo. I've thrown away so much that I haven't used in more than a year. I also cleaned out my storage space and put a shelving unit in there to handle all the crap that I didn't thrown away but don't necessarily need in my condo. Things are looking so clean and organized now…not that they weren't before.

The whole time I was doing all this cleaning and organizing and purging, I was watching Christmas movies. I had all the TV's on in my condo tuned to Turner Classic Movies. They've been playing Christmas movies all day. Here are some that I saw today. I love the old Christmas movies.

Tomorrow I think I will sleep late, watch more Christmas movies and make Christmas cookies. I like the plain sugar cookies with colored sprinkles on top. They are so good with a cup of hot chocolate. It's supposed to be 50 degrees tomorrow but I'll have the hot chocolate anyway.

Back To Netflix

Years ago I was a member of Netflix. I think I might have been one of the first memebers. At that time they only had like 10,000 movies. That sounds like a lot but when you break it down by genre, it's not that much. When I was a member I had all the gay themed movies on my queue. During the time I was a memeber, I watched ALL the gay movies they had at that time.

Anyway, I decided to re-join Netflix and see they have over 70,000 titles now. And there are so many new gay titles that I haven't seen. I've got my queue lined up with lots of titles that I'm looking forward to seeing. Today I just got Eating Out in the mail. And I've already sent back The Night Listener and TransAmerica. While I enjoyed both, they weren't that great. I didn't think TransAmerica should have gotten an Oscar nod. you have any suggestions for movies I should have on my queue? Let me know.

Christmas Cookies

Last week I made a bunch of Christmas cookies. I put them in a holiday container and set them on top of the fridge. I haven't had many of them since then but today I went nuts. In between coats of paint on the crown moulding, I sat down to watch some Christmas movies and munched on these cookies. They are soooo good!

The crown moulding is done and most of the cookies are gone. And a couple more Christmas movies have been watched. Today I watched:

Going My Way
Holiday Inn
It's A Wonderful Life
A Christmas Story

I think now I'm ready for the holiday to be over and to have the boyfriend home again.

Scary Spider

While the boyfriend is away (and I'm missing him and keeping myself busy) I like to take advantage of the time and get things done that I normally don't have time to do. I got a lot done today.

Recently I had crown moulding installed but didn't have them paint it. So I spent most of the day filling the nail holes, sanding, and caulking the crown moulding. I'm planning on painting it tomorrow. While letting the nail holes dry, I went through all my files and purged all the old papers. I spent a few hours shredding all the old papers so no one will steal my identity. While doing all this I watched Christmas In Connecticut and Meet Me In St. Louis…two of my favorite holiday movies. I'm going to watch more tomorrow while painting. I like watching Christmas movies on Christmas Eve even if I don't really celebrate Christmas.

At the end of a busy day I came into my computer room to check mail and phone messages (sorry I missed your call, Homer!) and what do I see on the baseboard? A HUGE spider! Damn this thing was HUGE. As you can see from the photo, the spider was as big as the baseboard. The baseboard is probably 2 1/2 to 3 inches tall. The spider almost spanned the baseboard. This was not a spider I could kill with a tissue. I had to get the broom out and smash the thing against the wall. I had some cleaning up to do afterwards. I'm always such a chicken. I was afraid the thing was going to jump at me once I jammed the broom into him. Luckily he died pretty quickly and didn't attack. Now I know I'll have spider dreams tonight. Ugh!

Wrapping Gifts

I spent the evening wrapping the boyfriend's presents. I was completely in the holiday mood. I decided to watch one of the holiday movies I recorded on the DVR. There are several on there to watch but I decided to watch The Bishop's Wife. What a great movie. In some respects it would be wonderful to return to that time. Things were simpler then. It was made in 1947 and was full of hope. They don't make movies like that anymore. I did some searching on the internet and found this trailer…if you can call it a trailer. By the end of the movie the gifts were all wrapped. I hope the boyfriend likes them!

The boyfriend is coming over for a rare week night visit. He's coming over because he'll be out of town for the holiday and we won't see each other. I'm making him dinner and having him open his presents. I'm sure we'll have a nice evening.