Skyline Drive

No walking today. We went to Skyline Drive instead. We wanted to see the fall colors in the mountains of western Virginia. We do this every year. We saw some great colors and the weather was perfect. We also went to a few wineries along the way. Fall is my favorite color!

Beautiful Dawn

This morning I had an MRI on my right wrist to figure out where some pain is coming from. I had to be there very early this morning. I’ll get the results in about a week I guess. On the way home I saw this sky and just had to take a picture. I think it’s beautiful!

Of course I also walked today. I walked 3.10 miles but it was a little later in the morning. I didn’t take any pictures on the walk though since I had that amazing photo above.

Gorgeous Day

The weather was perfect today! But the track team was on the track at AU so I couldn’t walk on the track. I ended up walking around the neighborhood. I walked 2.81 miles today. I was up early enough to see the sun through he trees. Here’s a cool shot of the sun and the trees.

Sunday Morning Walk

I walked 2.23 miles this beautiful morning. It was 61 degrees and low humidity. Just like yesterday, my kind of weather. And the sky was pretty too. I didn’t have any podcasts to listen to so I cranked up my Madonna playlist and walked to the beat of the music. I’m old school Madonna so none of the newer stuff she’d done. Most of mine is from the 80s and 90s. Here’s the sky this morning.

Trail Walk

The Glover-Archbold trail was starting to dry out so I decided to walk on the trail today. I walked 2.11 miles today. The scenery is always gorgeous but the rocks and tree roots makes it easy to trip. I saw this beautiful scene while walking.