Hair Cut

Today I got my hair cut. Below you can see a picture of me. What do you think? Well, I think it looks pretty good. (I know I need to shave. I'm off so why shave? hehehe) Although, when the lady held the mirror for me to see the back of my hair, I realized my hair was getting a little thin on top. As I approach my 40th year I guess it can be expected that my hair won't last forever. My grandfather on my mother's side was completely bald and I hear we get our hair genes from our grandfathers on our mother's side. I have brothers who are loosing their hair much more then I think I am. I mean, it's not like I'm bald or anything. It just looks a little thin on top. And I guess the shorter I get it cut, the more you can see it. Oh well. I won't be a comb over kinda guy or a hair piece kind of guy or even a guy who takes drugs to keep what he already has. I know I'm getting older and I can live with the changes that occur as I age. Plus, I still have a full head of hair…as you can see in the picture. I really shouldn't worry about it, right?

House Lights

My mother took me out to dinner tonight. We went to Red Lobster. After dinner she said she wanted to drive through the neighborhood and see all decorated houses. So we drove all through her neighborhood and looked at what seemed like thousands of houses. Then we went to her house and turned on her lights so we could see what it looked like in the dark. Here's a picture of her house with the lights on. I think she needs more lights but I don’t want to be the one to put them on. he he he

Frying Pan Park

Yesterday I went to Frying Pan Park. The sun was out but it was still quite cold. There was a good layer of snow on everything. It was left over from the weekend snow storm. I took several pictures of the farm. Here are just a few I thought I’d share.

I thought this barn looked beautiful in the snow with the sun shining on it. I think a larger picture would give you a better idea of how beautiful it was.

This is a picture of the pardoned Presidential turkey from Thanksgiving. This is where the pardoned turkeys go to live out their lives. From what the docent told me, they don’t live very long.

I thought this truck looked really cool. You be the judge.

Snow Again

It snowed last night and it’s still snowing lightly this morning. I slept well last night. But I did have a wild dream. I might have to write about it sometime. Here are some photos from my balcony showing the snow. We only got about 2 or 3 more inches. Shouldn't keep anyone from getting where they need to go.

Another Day

Let's see. What did I do today? I got up early. I fed the cat and guinea pigs for the last time. I went to Giant and to Eckerd. Then I went to my mom's and put up her Christmas tree and decorations. She made turkey sandwiches for lunch. That was good. Then I came home and chatted on the computer. I actually talked with a few guys who sounded interesting. Not sure if anything will come of it but it was nice conversation none the less. I finished my laundry. I watched “To Kill A Mockingbird” on TCM. That is one great movie. The best part is when Scout gives her little speech on the steps of the jail when her father is watching the man in jail. It turns the crowd away when they realize how innocent she is. It's a great scene. If you haven't watched that movie, you should. Gregory Peck was brilliant. I highly recommend this movie. Well, the four day weekend comes to an end today. It's back to work tomorrow. But I can look forward to the next break from work. In three weeks I'll have two weeks off. Yeah! And now, just for your information, Mark Twain was born today in 1835. Sometime in the future I should go to see his home in Hartford Connecticut. I saw it on the CBS Morning Show this morning. It looked interesting.


What a boring day. I got up early and went and fed Michael's cat and his neighbor's guinea pigs. Then I stopped off and picked up my shirts and lottery tickets. After that I came home. I chatted on the computer for what seemed like hours. I watched a lot of TV (all boring). I've done a lot of thinking today but mostly it was just wasting time. If there was a way to record my thoughts without actually having to write them down, life would be so much easier. I'm sure sometime in the future such a device will be created. For the time being I will have to remember what I was thinking about and simple write it down. Most of my thoughts revolve around my most recent X. I think it started when my brother called on my cell phone. I have his ringer set to the “Sex and the City” theme. I also had the X's number set to the same ringer. When I heard that go off, I thought he was calling. Of course it wasn't him. I've asked not to speak to him for the time being so I know it wouldn't be him. After talking to my brother and solving his simple problem, I changed his ringer to the normal phone call ringer. Since hearing that ringer though, I've been thinking too much about the X. Not a good thing to do when you are trying to get over someone. I know as time goes on I will think of him less and less. It always goes that way. When I have a breakup it takes awhile to stop thinking about them and wondering what they are thinking or doing. It does pass. It just takes time. Enough about THAT. Tomorrow is Sunday. I've got things to do in the morning but in the afternoon I'm sure I'll have another boring day. Nature is beautiful!

Christmas Tree

Today I put up my Christmas tree. Is there anything wrong with putting up your tree the day after Thanksgiving? I had the day off and had plenty of time to do it so I thought I would get one more thing done by doing it today. A good friend of mine commented on how early it was to put up my Christmas tree. I told him I wanted to do it while I felt in the mood. If you know me at all, you know I'll take it down the day after Christmas. What sucks about having a tree in the first place is that there won't be any presents under it. Years ago my family decided to only get gifts for the grand children. Well, I don't have any children (and won't) so there won't be any presents under my tree. And since I was recently let go by my most recent boyfriend, I won't be getting any presents from him either. I'll have to tell you about him sometime. He's got some problems that he's dealing with and doesn't feel as if being in a relationship is something he can deal with at this time. Besides the fact that he's 1300 miles away doesn't help. He says that's what is breaking us up but I have my doubts. In any case, I will respect his decision and move on. Anyway, I put up my tree today and I think it looks pretty good. I will enjoy the warm feelings I get when looking at the tree all lit up while listening to Christmas music.

Look At Things

Take a minute to look at things differently. It might change your world.

Did you know there were 102 pilgrims on the Mayflower? Did you know it was 1620 when they came to America? Also, did you know that today is Marc Brown's birthday? He's the creater of the Arthur series of books and TV shows on PBS.