Mark asked if I was going to tell you what is happening in the photo. Since I got lots of comments from that post, I decided to tell you the story behind the photo. It's not as exciting as it might seem.

A few months ago the boyfriend and I went to visit my artist friend Bob for a photo shoot. After the photo shoot, one of the models had a body print made. That's where you paint all over his naked body and then lay canvas or material over his body and make a print of his body on the material. Well, in the photo, the boyfriend is helping the model wash the paint off the parts of his body he couldn't reach. When I saw what they looked like while getting the paint off, I just had to snap a picture. The lighting in the bathroom wasn't the best but I think the photo came out pretty good. So that explains the photo. Not as seedy as you pervs thought it was going to be, huh?

White Trash Weekend

The boyfriend and I went to Ingleside Winery for what we thought would be a nice evening of jazz music and wine. Well, it ended up being blues music and not blues music in the tradition sense. We must have read the flyer wrong. We thought it was jazz but it was blues. The music was one thing but the caliber of people who attended this event was less then stellar. We decided these were the people who voted for Bush. They were fat, they were slovenly, they were toothless. I doubt there were very many college degrees in that crowd. Our expectations of the food were too high as well. We thought they'd have some BBQ or something like that but all they had was bread, crackers, and salads…potato salad, pasta salad, and chicken salad. I was looking for some meat!

Despite the music, the crowd, and the food, the boyfriend and I made the best of it and enjoyed the wines. The wines are what saved the evening. We enjoyed the tastings and shared a bottle while nibbling what little there was. We got a little silly and had a good time after all. When we got back to the hotel there was some kind of fair going on next to the hotel. We wandered around and I took several photos. Again, more evidence of the people who voted for Bush. There are more uneducated white trash people in the country then there are intelligent, open minded people. It's very sad. You can check out some of weekend photos here. You will see some carnival rides named Scat and Hustler.

What kind of ride is this?


From the picture, you can probably tell that W. and I had a very busy weekend. Of course we were busy with THAT but we also did many other things. Friday night we enjoyed a bottle of wine and quiet time. Saturday we went shopping during the day and then we went to the Gay Men’s Chorus concert in the evening (we even got dressed up!) and then a late night dinner after the concert. We slept late Sunday morning and then played on W.’s computer. He downloaded iTunes for the PC and has been discovering all the cool things you can do with Apple software. I loaded a few CD’s into iTunes for him and showed him how to do it. Then I showed him how to burn a CD and update the iPod with his new songs. Then we ran some errands. In the evening we met a friend of W.’s at Kincaid’s for some fine wine and nibbles. W. bought a bottle that we really enjoyed. We had a really good time enjoying the wine and the conversation. Before we knew it, it was time to get back to reality, go home and go to bed to begin the work week fresh. I’m off today but W. has to work so I’ll be thinking about him while I’m running my errands and doing things around the house. After not spending any significant time with W. over the last two weeks, this weekend was a wonderful return to spending time with W. I was continuously reminded what a special guy he is.

Missing The Boyfriend

I haven’t had any intimate time with the boyfriend in about a week and a half. He’s had family in town and we haven’t been able to be together. I’m really missing him and his touch. I guess it’s time to get the porn and lube out.

Horse Back Riding

As part of my birthday weekend (my birthday isn't until next weekend but W. will have family in town so we celebrated it this weekend) W. took me horseback riding yesterday. The weather was perfect and so was the ride. We went riding in March and the trees were bare and it was cold. Yesterday everything was green. We saw lots of wild flowers, birds, and butterflies. The ride was very relaxing and the horses were mild. In the photo you can see W. at the head of the pack. There was probably 15 people total on this ride. Luckily, we were able to ride at the front of the pack. I was right behind the leader. My view wasn't obstructed and I took several nice photos. Below you can see what the landscape was like on the ride. It was beautiful.

This ride was just one part of a wonderful birthday weekend. W. took me to get my hair cut on Saturday, which was followed by a back massage. We then went and had a wonderfully relaxing lunch. Saturday evening W. brought me a cake with candles. I made a wish and blew out the candles. Then of course we had our own dessert in the bedroom. After the horseback riding, we went to Grey Ghost winery for a nice lunch. It was a great birthday weekend. W. is a special man.


It’s raining today. I’d rather be having a picnic on a sunny day at a beautiful winery with the boyfriend while enjoying a nice glass of wine. I’m off to his house this weekend so no update until Sunday or Monday.

Funny Photo

Here is a funny photo I took of myself last weekend at W.'s house. That's where I'll be tonight. I might try to post an entry tomorrow. It all depends on the time. If you can't wait, download the latest podcast (link below this post) and listen to it again. Sorry the audio clip is too loud (thanks for the info, Peter!). I'll work on watching the audio levels in the future. Have a great weekend!

eBay Auction

A few weeks ago W. and I went to visit my artist friend, Bob. We had a great photo shoot and you've probably already seen my photos from that shoot. Bob has spent some time since that shoot creating some beautiful pieces of artwork. He is currently auctioning them on eBay. Click here to see his current listings. His artwork has been shown in several galleries and is often part of bidding wars on eBay. I encourage you to check out his latest works and see for yourself how beautiful his artwork is. I have dabbled in this type of art and have created several works myself. I hope to reach his level of success some day. He taught me everything I know about the process and has helped me develop my photography skills.


On Sunday, the boyfriend and I strolled over to the National Cathedral Gardens to see all the spring flowers. We enjoyed a very nice lunch with a delicious Vidal Blanc. The weather started out chilly and cloudy but by the time we got to the gardens it was sunny and slowly warming up. After our lunch we walked through the gardens and I took lots of photos. The flowers were absolutely beautiful.

I tried unsuccessfully to install Mac OS X 10.4 for 2 hours this evening. I was too frustrated and decided to throw in the towel for tonight and start again tomorrow evening. It takes so long. It kept hanging up at the disk verification part. I was so mad. Luckily it didn't effect my computer and I was able to still do other things. I did back up my entire computer before starting so if there had been a problem I wouldn't have lost anything. I hope I won't have to call Apple tomorrow while trying again. Ugh!

The Weekend

What a busy weekend! The boyfriend and I went to visit our artist friend, Bob. We had two photo shoots on Saturday. One with Skycoach by himself and then later I convinced the boyfriend to get naked and pose with Skycoach.

Saturday night we spent at The Inn at Montross. It was pretty decent. It obviously had a renovation in the early 80's because there signs of bad taste all around. We went to dinner at the Mt. Holly Steamboat Inn which is a B&B and a resturant. I had a great filet mignon and the boyfriend had crab cakes. Then on Sunday we went to the birthplace of George Washington. We wandered around the grounds, read the history, and saw lots of animals. It was very informative. Then we went to Ingleside Vineyards for wine tasting and a wonderful lunch in their courtyard. We enjoyed a bottle of their chardonnay with our lunch. It was very good. We bought a few bottles of wine and walked around the winery a little. Then it was time to head home. It was a great weekend. We got to see many things and experience many things as well.