Walk Free Sunday

This morning we got up really early and went to Gray Ghost Vineyards to help harvest Chardonnay grapes. It was a huge crop! We were very tired but had a good time. Because of that I didn’t do any walking. I was exhausted when we were finished. I considered that my workout for the day. Here is what the grapes looked like that we harvested.

We Clean Up Nice

This evening we went to a vertical wine tasting at Gray Ghost Vineyards in Amissville, Virginia. Gray Ghost is one of our favorite wineries. Each year they have a vertical wine tasting event. A vertical wine tasting is where you taste the same wine from different vintages. We tasted the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve from the 02, 04, 06, 08, and 10 vintages. It’s black tie optional. We always go with the option. We had a great time of course.

50th Birthday

Friday evening I had a little birthday happy hour with some friends from work. It was a great way to celebrate my 50th birthday. I had a great time and probably had a bit too much wine by the end of the evening. Here are some photos from the evening. Thank you, Warren!