Sex and The City

Today I watched Oprah and saw the interview with the cast of Sex and The City. A sad time is approaching. The end of Sex and The City. Sunday evening is the final episode of the show. I have watched it from the beginning. I have the first 4 seasons on DVD. I’m sure in time I’ll have the rest of the seasons on DVD at some point. Every Sunday night at 9:00, I would have all my work done and be ready to sit down to see what will happen to her this week. I will miss this show. I have followed Carrie through all her relationships. Last week’s show hinted at the possibility of BIG coming back in her life. She wouldn’t return his calls or see him while he was in town. Of course she was on her way to Paris with her new man at the time. I don’t think Mikhail Baryshnikov is the man she will end up with. I think BIG will go to Paris and sweep Carrie off her feet and they will live happily ever after. I’ve also enjoyed following the other ladies relationships. I love Miranda’s husband, Steve. He’s geeky but I think he’s adorable. I just love this show. I love how gay friendly the show has been over the years as well. A gay version of the show would be the best and it wouldn’t be like Queer as Folk, even though I enjoy that show too. Come Sunday night, I’ll be glued to the couch at 8:00 to watch the Farewell show and then at 9:00 for the final episode. I’ll miss it when it’s over!

Valentines Day

Even though Brad and I had a long day together in West Virginia, we decided to get together this evening for a quiet night at home. So I went over to Brad’s at 6:00. We gave each other small gifts for Valentines Day. We then decided to walk to Panera Bread for some dinner. I wasn’t hungry so I just had a drink. Brad decided on some French onion soup. After dinner, we walked back to Brad’s house. Brad doesn’t have a DVD player or a TV worth watching, so I brought my 17 inch PowerBook over to watch a movie. I set it up and we watched Trick. I enjoyed the movie but Brad thought it was sad. If you have seen the movie, you know it ends with the promise of the two guys building a relationship. Brad thought this was sad because he thinks it’s a bad representation of gay relationships. He is of the opinion that the vast majority of gay relationships don’t last. While that may be true to some extent, I don’t think you should have the pessimistic view that all gay relationships will fail. I like the possibility of a relationship lasting a long time, if not for life. I think it’s what most gay men want. I know there are complications and other things get in the way of relationships working out and lasting but I still think it’s a possibility. Sam and Mark, friends of Brad’s, have been together almost 20 years. I think that should be proof enough that it can work. I have my work cut out for me. So after the movie we had this discussion about gay relationships working out and lasting. We both enjoyed the conversation and without words, agreed to disagree. After the movie Brad and I had a nice intimate time (leaving the details out because it’s none of your business..he he he). Then I stayed over! Yes, I actually slept over at Brad’s house. This was the first time we actually slept together. We were in bed by 12:00 and I fell right to sleep, snuggled up close to Brad. I slept through the night. Brad told me this morning that he tossed and turned a few hours before falling asleep and didn’t sleep that long. When his cat started licking my hand early this morning, I woke up. Brad was already awake so we cuddled and talked about how we slept. It was very nice waking up next to him. Brad has a long standing arrangement to have breakfast with some neighbor friends so I wasn’t about to disrupt it with my presence. So I got dressed and borrowed a hat to cover my bed head and went home. Overall it was a wonderful weekend spent with someone I really enjoy. I know we’ll have many others in the future.

New Digital Camera

I got it! I finally got it! I got the Canon EOS Digital Rebel. After coming home from Brad’s house I went out to Tysons to The Apple Store. I went right over to the digital cameras and asked if they had what I wanted in stock. The newbie sales guy said he’d check. He came back with no camera in hand. But I wasn’t disappointed. I went across the mall to Ritz Camera. I had seen their ad this morning advertising the camera I wanted for the same price as The Apple Store. I knew instantly that they had them in stock because I could see several boxes on the shelf. I quickly told the man behind the counter that I wanted one. He got the box out and told me I’d need to buy a Compact Flash card. I said I was aware of that. I went ahead and got a 512meg card. I was so excited. I pulled out the credit card, he ran it through, I signed the slip and was out the door. Of course I got it home and charged up the battery…which took 90 minutes. Then I started snapping away, figuring out all the settings. I took several photos. I really love the quality. I decided to post 3 of them on my photo page. I know I’m going to enjoy having this new camera and can’t wait to go somewhere to take some great photos!

Harpers Ferry West Virginia

For Valentines Day, Brad decided to take me to Harpers Ferry West Virginia for lunch and some sight seeing. Brad picked me up at 11:30 and drove to Harpers Ferry. When we got into Harpers Ferry, we drove up a steep hill to the HillTop Hotel. From the parking lot we had some amazing views of the Potomac River and the Shenandoah River. The scenery was spectacular. Even the dining room in the hotel had some wonderful views. The service was kind of slow but we enjoyed our lunch and the views. We also enjoyed some nice conversation. I will say it again, Brad and I never seem to be at a loss for words. We have no problem talking about all kinds of things and keeping the conversation going. It’s one thing I really enjoy about Brad. He both listens and talks, unlike some people who talk all the time and rarely listen. After lunch we walked around a little enjoying the views. I took a few pictures but I was wishing I had my new camera. We then drove down to the town center and had ice cream at a quaint little shop. We were both feeling cold so we decided we would head on home. I made Brad promise he would bring me back when the weather is warmer and we can see more details of Harpers Ferry. We had a nice drive home. We talked so much that the time just flew by. It was a wonderful day spent with a wonderful guy.

The Opera

Tonight Brad and I went to the opera. We went to the Eldbrooke Artist Series production of Die Fledermaus at the Eldbrooke United Methodist Church in Tenleytown. Brad knows one of the women in the chorus. We took the metro and that was an experience for me since I haven’t used the metro in years. It was comical. Brad had to remind me how to get my ticket and where to put it to get on the train, etc. I felt so stupid. It was fun though. So we got to the church and decided to sit in the balcony. The seats were away from other people but it was cold up there. I was worried that I wouldn’t understand the opera or be able to follow it. The lights dimmed and the orchestra started and I instantly loved the music. I thought I would at least enjoy hearing the orchestra. It sounded amazing up in the balcony. Then the singing began and just as I had anticipated, I was unable to follow the singing. It was difficult to understand the words. Luckily there was dialog as well as singing so I was able to follow the story. At the intermission, Brad and I discussed it and it turns out, he felt the same way, that he was unable to understand the songs but was able to follow the story line. Two acts later, the opera ended. I enjoyed it but wished I could have understood the singing. Brad enjoyed as well I think. Here are some pictures of Brad at and on the metro.

The Washington Post

I’ve gotten into the habit of checking my horoscope every morning as part of my web surfing before I go to work. I don’t get the paper everyday so I’ve found it much easier to go to The Washington Post website and just check out my horoscope. So this morning I hit my bookmark for the horoscope and a registration page pops up! I was furious. I now have to register to use their website? That royally pissed me off. Granted, registration is free, but I don’t want yet another website having my information. And it’s not that I NEED my horoscope everyday. I just find it interesting. I guess I’ll go back to the old fashion way of reading it in the newspaper at work. That sucks.

On a different note, I got my Virginia State Tax refund today! yeah! I use TurboTax and it was so easy to file my taxes. I electronically filed them just last Friday and the refund was directly deposited into my account today. I can’t believe how fast that was. I should get my Federal refund by early next week. It’s always nice to have a little extra cash in the checking account. Of course I’ll be smart and use most of it to pay some bills. I plan on splurging on a new digital camera soon…if The Apple Store would ever get them in stock! I want the new Canon EOS Digital Rebel.

Valentines Day 2004

Sweet Brad graced me with his presence this evening. Our “during the work week” get togethers are simple and only last a few hours but well worth it. I enjoy him so much that a few hours spent sitting on the couch watching the news and some silly show on TV makes me feel good. While we were watching TV, we were discussing what we should do for Valentines Day. Well, we’ve only been dating each other about a month and a half so I can’t say the romance is still fresh. Neither one of us could come up with an idea of what to do. Brad admits he’s not good at romance and doesn’t know what to do. I enjoy romance and consider myself a romantic person but I have a hard time coming up with something romantic to do on Valentines Day. If you have any ideas for Brad and I, please let me know! Any reasonable ideas will be taken into consideration.

Edward Gets My Vote

So I went and voted after work today. I was so torn between my three top candidates. But in the end I voted for John Edwards. I know that my vote was wasted and John Kerry will probably win but I wanted to add my support for John Edwards in the primary. As I have stated earlier, I will always vote the party line when it comes to the general election. At my polling place they were using the new Touch Screen system. I was very impressed. I used it in November but I don’t remember them being so sleek and efficient. I was only in the place for about 4 minutes from the time I walked in the door until the time the lady slapped the “I Voted” sticker on my coat. I hope everyone in Virginia (democrat or republican or independent) went out and voted today.

On a side note, when I got home from voting today my favorite parking space was open! I quickly pulled in the spot. If I didn’t have to go anywhere for the rest of my life, I’d leave my car in the coveted space. Alas, I know that is impossible. It’s such a great parking space. I can see my car from my balcony and it makes me feel safe knowing I can see it. Now this might lead the reading to believe that I live in a terrible neighborhood, but the contrary is the case. I live in a good neighborhood where crime is very low. In any case, I was extremely pleased I got such a great parking space. Silly, I know. Oh, the little things that make us happy in life.

What I am Reading

Last night I finished reading “Dream Boy” by Jim Grimsley. The book started out interesting. Young love between to boys who live next door to each other. They discover each other and go through the steps to become intimate. The intimacy is one way though. Nathan, the younger of the two, has an alcoholic father who sexually abused him. Nathan spends the entire story avoiding his father and hiding from him. The disturbing part comes towards the end of the novel when Nathan and Roy, the older boy, go camping with some friends and are caught having sex, which is the first time that Roy reciprocates the intimacy. When they are caught they run. One of the friends catches up with Nathan and beats him and sexually abuses him. I was sad while reading the last several chapters of the book. I felt so sorry for Nathan and hoped that Roy would come through and be there for him. I won’t tell you the end incase you decide to read the book. I’m not sure I would recommend the book or not. And I can’t say I completely enjoyed the book.

I just started reading “The Boys Of Swithins Hall”. The description on the back of the book says it’s set in an English boys’ boarding school and is the story of Tim Dunn’s sexual awakening-in overdrive. Sound promising. Of course I’ll tell you what I think when I’m finished reading it.

Who Do I Vote For?

The Democratic Primary for Virginia is Tuesday. Today I got a call from the Dean camp reminding me to vote for Dean on Tuesday. Now, I’ve been following the primaries lately and it seems as though Dean will be out come Tuesday. I’ve been a Dean supporter since I went to his rally in Falls Church in the summer (see photo below). But I’ve thought for awhile secretly that John Edwards would eventually get the nomination. The question is, do I vote for Dean because I’ve been a supporter of his for awhile, do I vote for John Edwards because I think he’ll get the nomination or do I go with the trend and vote for John Kerry simply because he’s been winning so many of the primaries? I wouldn’t vote for Kerry JUST because he’s been winning the primaries but I wouldn’t want to waste a vote on a guy who doesn’t have a chance of getting the nomination. Why not make Kerry’s win even stronger by giving him my vote? It’s only a primary after all. I’d really like to see John Edwards get the nomination. There’s something about him. He’s got a Clinton (circa 1992) air about him. And I like that about him. I’m sure like many people who will vote on Tuesday, I’ll make up my mind right in the booth. In the long run I don’t think it matters who I vote for in the primary. I’m a democrat and always vote the party line in the general election. I’m so sick of what Bush and his administration has done to our country that I don’t care who wins the primary as long as the nominee wins in November and beats Bush.

On a different note, in the photo above you will see the Dean rally I attended in August. I went with my then boyfriend Shawn. At the time I was happy with Shawn and wasn’t looking at guys or anything. Little did I know that other guys were looking at me. See the guy standing close to the camera on the left with the black t-shirt with white writing on it? Well, that is Brad, sweet Brad, the guy I’m currently dating. I find it amazing that I would take pictures of a future boyfriend at the rally. Of the hundreds of people there, HE had to be standing right in front of me. He tells me now that we locked eyes at one point. I don’t remember that but he says he does. Pretty cool.

Oh, one more thing. Happy 94th Birthday to the homophobic Boy Scouts of America. On this date in 1910, the Boy Scouts of America filed incorporation papers in DC.

Shopping and a Movie

Sweet Brad and I got together early this morning to go shopping. We went to Costco (The Price Club). We started going up and down the isles and Brad kept picking up items and putting them in the cart. Now, I’m different. I make a list of what I want to get before I go. When Brad sees something on the shelf he remembered that he needed it, so he put it in the cart. We did this isle after isle. Then we checked out. The bill was $212! I couldn’t believe it. I never spend more then $75 at The Price Club and I only go about once every 2 months. So we loaded it all in the back of my car and went on to Target.

There we did about the same thing. Isle after isle, putting things in the cart. At one point Brad picked up a box of tall kitchen garbage bags. I quickly reminded him that he just bought 200 tall kitchen garbage bags at Costco and we wouldn’t be needed another 200 at almost twice the price. I thought it was funny that he didn’t remember he just got trash bags at Costco. Brad said he doesn’t go shopping very often and doesn’t keep a list of the things he needs. As I observed earlier at Costco, Brad remembers he needs things when he sees them at the store. I’ll have to teach him how to keep a running list of the items he needs to buy the next time he’s in a store. We checked out but this time I didn’t spend nearly as much as I had at Costco. We loaded everything on top of the Costco items in the back of my car and came home.

After shopping, Brad and I decided we would go to a movie and to dinner. I suggested we see “Girl With A Pearl Earring”. We decided we would go to a matinee and have dinner after the movie. So Brad picked me up and drove us to the movie. We got there just in time to get tickets and get our seats. I thought we might be late but Brad assured me we would only miss the ads and maybe the trailers. Unlike most people, I like seeing the trailers and was hoping we wouldn’t miss them. We didn’t. Brad was right. We only missed the ads. He’s so smart. So we watched the movie. I thought it was a great movie. It was basically about a maid working for Vermeer and how she became the object of one of his famous paintings. I thought it was beautifully shot and captured 1665 very well. I thought it was amazing how the movie was filmed to show the emotion and interaction of Vermeer and Grete (the maid) with very few spoken words. The visual images were wonderful. The ending actually showed the original artwork by Vermeer. Scarlett Johansson looks very much like the original painting. This film should win the Oscar for Art Direction. And if you haven’t seen it yet, you should. You would enjoy it. Oh, and all through the movie Brad held my hand. I thought it was sweet.

After the movie, Brad took me to Ribsters in Annandale for dinner. They make one of the best burgers I’ve had in a long time. I enjoyed it. Brad had chicken fingers and we shared our meals. The place isn’t anything to talk about but the food was good. After dinner Brad then took me to an ice cream shop and we had some frozen custard. I had chocolate and Brad had mango. Then Brad and I came back to my place for some smooching, etc. We had a great day together. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with Brad. He really is a sweet guy.

Running Errands

I woke up early today and found that work would start two hours late. Instead of trying to go back to bed, I decided I would get up and do things and just take my time getting to work. After shaving, showering, dressing, eating breakfast and checking e-mail, I see on the TV that work would now be closed. I was disappointed that I had already gotten ready for work and now it was closed. Oh well, another day off. That’s twice this week. I farted around and did very little for a few hours then decided I would go run some errands. It was just raining now so it wouldn’t be too bad to go out.

After 15 minutes of cleaning the ice off my car, I ran my errands. I stopped at the credit union and got some cash, went to CVS to get a few things, and finally stopped at the cleaners and picked up and dropped off shirts. Then I came home. Along the way, I made several observations that I don’t think I would normally notice.

First I noticed how nicely my new ice scraper worked while cleaning off my car. The heat had just begun to get warm and the temperature was higher then freezing, but when I pushed the slightest bit on the scraper, the ice crumbled and slid off the windows. It was a wise purchase I’ve decided.

When I parked at the credit union I noticed an older Ford Escort Wagon parked next to me. When I went into the credit union to use the ATM, there was a lady right in front of me. After getting my cash, I went back to my car and the lady who was in front of me was sitting in the Escort Wagon. Then I went to CVS and picked up a few things and got in line. The same lady who was at the credit union was standing in front of me. And finally, when I went to the cleaners, the exact same lady was in front of me picking up shirts. I thought that was wild. Someone else in the world had the exact same errands to run as me. I wonder where she went next. I didn’t see her car in my parking lot so I doubt she lives in my building.

When I came home, I parked in one of the last spots in the parking lot. There are several trees around this part of the parking lot. When I got out of the car and hit the lock button, I looked up and saw the ice on the tree limbs. It struck me as beautiful how the ice had encapsulated the tree branches. The ice was as clear as glass. You could see every detail of the branch through the ice. I wish I had my camera with me. It was beautiful.

Notice the small things.


Sweet Brad came over this evening. He had a rough day so we spent some quality time relaxing on the couch, cuddling and touching. He’s so sweet. It feels so nice just to sit with him, with his head in my lap, stroking his hair, and talking about our days.


5:00 AM the alarm sounds. I rolled over and hit the off button. Before removing the warm, comforting covers, I turned on the TV to find that I did not have to work today. The commute was going to be a disaster. All the local channels were on at 4:00 AM to track the storm. 1/4 to 1/2 inch of ice was predicted. Power crews were on standby to repair any downed power lines. Amtrak and Metro had been running cars all night to keep the tracks clear. After hearing all this surely I would open the window and see a thin layer of ice covering every inch. I stumbled out of bed, pulled on my sweat pants and went to the window. I parted the blinds and looked out. What did I see? NOTHING! Nothing was happening, nothing was falling, no ice weighing down the power lines or tree branches. Why on earth had work been closed? There was no snow, sleet, or freezing rain in sight. Realizing I had the day off, I thought at that instant I could go back to sleep. Sleep is one thing I do really well. I slipped the sweat pants off and climbed back into bed. The sheets were still warm. I then slept for another 2 hours.

I woke up naturally at 7:00 AM. I could hear something hitting the window. Once again, I climbed out of bed and slid my sweat pants back on. I went to the window and again peered through the blinds. This time there was something falling. It looked like rain but there had to be some ice involved because of the sound it made when it hit the window. I went out to the kitchen, poured a glass of juice and turned on the TV. Sure enough, they were saying there was a thin layer of ice covering everything and the temperature was hovering around freezing. I guess the decision to close work was a good one after all. I pulled on my coat and headed to the balcony for a smoke. When I slid open the door, the cold, wet breeze hit me in the face. I walked gently out onto the icy balcony and enjoyed my morning buzz.

How could I take advantage of this day off? What could I do to make the most of my free time? Of course I spent the first few hours of the day watching the news, reading my favorite blogs online, and checking e-mail. After wasting a few hours doing nothing of significance, the morning news shows were ending their broadcasts predicting the temperature to rise and the precipitation would change over to all rain very soon. The chance of using this day productively was becoming a real possibility. I could actually get out on the roads if I needed to. I decided to take a shower and get dressed. If I was going to brave the roads, I needed to be ready. While in the shower, Brad e-mailed me and suggested I join him for lunch. I was elated! I could go somewhere! I could do something! I quickly e-mailed him back saying I would meet him at his office and take him to lunch. How exciting!

At this point, I thought I should do something else as well since I was going to be out anyway. So I decided I would go to Tysons and check out a new digital camera I have been eyeing at The Apple Store. I’ve been looking at the Canon EOS Digital Rebel. I read a great review on the MacWorld web site. It’s got the kind of features I could benefit from. My current camera has little ability to manipulate settings. The Rebel has plenty of possibilities for controlling the output. I had completed my research and was ready to buy. I warmed up the car and braved the 5 minute drive to Tysons. With my wet shoes making squeaking noises, I squished into The Apple Store. I picked up the camera, looked at all the features, felt it’s weight, and tested the focus. The decision was made. I would buy the camera. I asked a sales lady for help. She said she would be right back with my camera. I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to take it home and test it out. I waited a few minutes. I then caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye. I could only see her head above the shelves of software waiting to be purchased. As she rounded the shelf, I could see her hands were empty. I knew then I would not be leaving with my new camera. She quickly informed me they were out of stock. I asked when they might have more delivered and she told me they get deliveries every day, to check back in a few days. She suggested I call before I make the trip, to make sure they were in stock. I left The Apple Store with my head hung low, feeling disappointed. Not to worry though, I can try again on the weekend.

All hope was not lost for a productive day. I still had plans to have lunch with Brad. I was on my way there after leaving The Apple Store. I drove the 40 minutes to Brad’s office where I pulled up in front. Within 5 minutes Brad appeared with his beautiful blue eyes shining. He opened the door and climbed in and we were off to a local diner. Brad directed me to a nearby parking lot that was covered with a slushy mess. We marched through the mess and entered the diner. We were quickly seated. As Brad excused himself to the restroom, I ordered ice tea and coke. When he returned we perused the menu and made our choices. The waitress returned and quickly took our orders. She recorded that I did not want lettuce, mayonnaise, cole slaw or pickles with my ham and cheese sandwich, but that I would like to have a side of french fries added to the plate. While waiting for our meals, Brad and I conversed about the days happenings. Before we knew it, the waitress was setting our food in front of us. She had gotten my order correct! The sandwich was deliciously layered with ham and cheese. One layer of ham and then one layer of cheese, over and over to make up a good inch and a half of fattening pleasure. Without the toasted white bread, this could be considered an Atkins meal! Ha!

(To break for a moment, I realize this post is going on and on but I’m trying to be more descriptive in my writing. Is it working?)

During the consumption of our meal, Brad and I discussed this and that. One great thing I’ve noticed in spending time with Brad is that we are never at a loss for conversation. We always have something to talk about. I feel I learn something new about him every time we talk. Eventually we finished our meal and Brad had to get back to work. As we were getting our coats on I noticed our waitress crossing the diner with a slice of cake. It looked delicious. It had to be 5 inches tall. It had about 6 thin alternating layers of moist yellow cake and what looked to be a pudding like cream. The top of the cake was covered in a layer of chocolate about the thickness of a wooden ruler. The chocolate layer looked thick, as if you could peal if off the cake and eat it like taffy. My mouth was watering but I wasn’t about to order a slice. Plus, we needed to get going. After a quick trip to the restroom, and a stop at the cashier, we were off. We drove the few minutes back to Brad’s office. I pulled up in front again. Before getting out, I informed Brad I would not be planting a wet kiss on him in front of his office. Instead I gave him a warm smile and he gave me an intimate squeeze on my leg. The squeeze left me with a warm fuzzy feeling. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Brad. Again, it was just a brief moment in time but well worth it. Brad is such a sweet guy. I’m lucky to have him.

Now to wrap this post up, I will say that after dropping Brad off, I came home and became productive. I decided some exercise was called for so I put on my workout clothes and descended to the basement of my condo and proceeded to walk 5 miles on the treadmill. I was able to read more of my current reading selection while exercising at the same time. After the treadmill, I took the elevator back to my condo (ironic, huh?). I then opened my laptop, updated some software using Apple’s handy software update tool, and completed some paperwork. I then did my taxes, two loads of laundry, and finished this blog post. Now can we all agree that I made a messy day into a productive day? I think so.


Cherish the snippets of time you spend with ones you care about and enjoy. I went to dinner with Brad this evening and we were only together about an hour but I really enjoyed the conversation and the company. He’s becoming part of my life and I like the feeling I get when I'm with him.