His Last Time

Thank goodness it's the last time we have to hear this idiot tell us how bad things are. Don't believe anything he said tonight about the state of our Union. It's all hype. He's on his way out and wants a legacy. Well, he's got his legacy alright. I don't think anyone will forget how he screwed up the country.

Even Sweeter

Steve Jobs introduced the new MacBook Air today. It's nice and all but it doesn't excite me. There were other product updates too. Again, not all that exciting to me. However, they did update the iPod Touch with new features. It's now almost exactly like the iPhone except without the phone part. That's exactly what I've been looking for. I want a device that can get e-mail, do the Google maps, take notes, etc. And now the iPod Touch does all that and plays music and movies and podcasts and videos. It's exactly what I want. Do I need it? No. Do I want it? Yes. I'll have to save my money. They didn't reduce the price so I'm going to have to save or use some of my tax refund to buy it. Maybe I'll get one soon! We'll see.

A Look

Today the boyfriend and I went to a winery for their lasagna lunch. We enjoyed some nice wine and some great lasagna. Of course the boyfriend loves making faces and creating looks for the camera. Here's one of them. Doesn't he look cute?

A New Race

As of this writing, it looks like Hillary will take New Hampshire. That means it's a new race. I hate to say it but my man Edwards isn't doing well in New Hampshire. If all the states keep giving us a different win then the polls are showing, this is going to be a wild election season. I'm ready for it. I love watching it!

New Years Eve

Happy New Year! The boyfriend and I had a small dinner party at his house for New Years on Monday night. We had a great time with friends, food, and nice wines. You can see a video of the evening over at ArcherRadio. Here's a picture from out evening.

2007 was a good year but I'm certainly hoping 2008 will be better. The boyfriend is the best part of 2007 and I'm sure he'll be the best part of 2008. Love you, honey!

Another Year Has Come To An End

Another year has come to an end. Personally, it's been a wonderful year. Being with the boyfriend has made life bearable during tough times.

Actually, I haven't had any tough times really. I'm thinking about how troubled our country is and the problems we face in the future. I'm hoping 2008 will usher in changes in our country. As I have mentioned many times in the past, it's time to get rid of the current administration, regain our respect in the world, and get back to low deficits and stronger times.

I found the poster below on DIGG. I hope we don't see this kind of crap for real in our country. I'm very happy personally but wish our country would change soon. That's been the most depressing part of 2007. And I just want to say that Fox News should die in 2008. Hopefully more people will realize just how fake their “news” is.

The boyfriend and I are approaching our 3rd anniversary. We are very happy together and enjoy spending time together. I see nothing but success for us in 2008. We'll have lots of fun and enjoy lots of wine in the new year.

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful New Year!!

Home Safe

The boyfriend arrived home safe yesterday. His flight was delayed by 35 minutes but since I was tracking it online, I knew he'd be arriving late. It was nice to see his smiling face as he walked down the walkway from the gate. I met him with a kiss of course. It's good to have him home again. I told him how much I missed him and we had some nice snuggle time last night.

Home Safe

He's now planning the meal for tomorrow night's dinner. We are having a few couples over for New Year's Eve. We'll have a nice dinner and then ring in the new year with some champagne and watching the ball drop on TV. We are looking forward to a new year but we both mentioned have quickly the time has gone by since Halloween. It seems like the time has just flown by. It was just yesterday we were getting dressed up for the Halloween party. Where did the time go? Before you know it, we'll be back at work on Wednesday. Ugh!

Tracking His Flight

The boyfriend comes home today. As a matter of fact, as I type this, he's on his plane somewhere over Alabama. He's been in New Orleans this week for the holidays. I am picking him up at the airport in just a few hours. I've been tracking his flight since it took off a little while ago. I know that is flight is running 35 minutes late. It took off late and will be arriving late. I like this ability to track the flight so that I don't get to the airport too early and have to sit and wait for the flight. The anticipation would kill me. Anyway, he'll be home in just a few hours!

Where is he?

Time To Purge

It's been a busy day. I heard late last night that the boyfriend arrived safely after a five hour delay at the airport. I felt sorry for him because from the time I dropped him off and the time he arrived in New Orleans it had been about 10 hours. Poor thing. I'm sure he rested last night and is enjoying his family now.

I've been very busy. Without the boyfriend to fill my time, I've been cleaning and organizing and purging crap in my condo. I've thrown away so much that I haven't used in more than a year. I also cleaned out my storage space and put a shelving unit in there to handle all the crap that I didn't thrown away but don't necessarily need in my condo. Things are looking so clean and organized now…not that they weren't before.

The whole time I was doing all this cleaning and organizing and purging, I was watching Christmas movies. I had all the TV's on in my condo tuned to Turner Classic Movies. They've been playing Christmas movies all day. Here are some that I saw today. I love the old Christmas movies.

Tomorrow I think I will sleep late, watch more Christmas movies and make Christmas cookies. I like the plain sugar cookies with colored sprinkles on top. They are so good with a cup of hot chocolate. It's supposed to be 50 degrees tomorrow but I'll have the hot chocolate anyway.


Saturday evening I went to the boyfriend's for dinner and presents. In one box he gave me some shaving items. I have transitioned from an electric razor to shaving with a blade. He gave me some very nice Caswell-Massey shaving products. He uses them so I know they give you a close shave. Now I can give up the disposable razors.

In the next box were some monogramed towels. He matched the color of my bathroom beautifully. The box also had some very nice soaps that he got from the Herb Cottage at the National Cathedral. He will see them in his bathroom. They make great guest bathroom additions.

In the final box was a beautiful Bulova watch. It's very fancy and classy. This is not a watch to wear to work each day. This is a weekend watch to wear to special occasions. I'm very hard on watches so I'm going to have to be careful when I wear this one. No scratches!

All the gifts were very nice. I think we both love the gifts we got each other. We had a great weekend. Now the boyfriend is in New Orleans until next Saturday. I already miss him and our snuggling. Love you, honey!