Happy Birthday Mom

Last night my mom came over for dinner to celebrate her 76th birthday. Yesterday was her birthday. We had a very nice dinner (thanks to the boyfriend) and she enjoyed her gift. Here are a few pictures. Notice my mother is blowing out a big non-birthday candle. I didn't have any birthday candles for her to blow out so she blew out the one that was on the table.

Not Since 1985

I haven't gotten a traffic ticket since 1985. That run of luck ended this morning. I was driving out to Wolf Trap to pick up tickets for two more concerts the boyfriend and I decided to go to. On the way home, I decided to take the toll road and pay the 50 cents instead of winding through the neighborhood streets at 25 miles per hour. Everything was going fine until I paid my toll. Just as I was pulling away from the booth I heard a knock on my window. I was a bit surprised. I rolled down the window and saw a state trooper at my window.

Unfortunately I had the earphones to my iPod in my ears. The first thing he asked was if I had earphones in my ears. I said yes. Mistake number one. He asked me to pull over to the left side of the road. I did. He then came to the window and informed me that it was illegal to have earphones in your ears while driving. He then told me that my state inspection had expired. I was shocked by this but sure enough, I looked over and saw it was two months past due. Damn!

He then told me he was going to write me TWO citations. One for the earphones and one for the expired inspection. I was so mad at myself at this point. How could I have not noticed my inspection was due two months ago? What was I thinking? I'm usually really on top of things like that. So he came back to the car with the two tickets. I signed them and he informed me that one could be paid through the mail but for the other one I have to go to court. He said I might be able to pay for it through the mail but that he rarely gives out a ticket for driving with earphones that he's not sure. He then told me to drive safely and I left.

I drove right to the nearest gas station and got my state inspection. When I got home I checked online about paying by mail because I did not want to go to court for wearing earphones while driving. As it turns out I CAN pay that one through the mail as well.

So what I thought was going to be a simple 50 cents to save some time ended up costing me $128 and more than an hour of my time.

Is this Friday the 13th?

Dinner Party

Last night the boyfriend and I had a dinner party at his place. You know he's a great cook. He had a 4 course meal. He started with shrimp, then had a tomato, basil, and mozzarella cheese salad, and then moved on to shrimp crab cakes with corn relish. For desert he made a delicious lemon cheesecake. Each course had a different Virginia wine. It was all very good!

We had some wine friends and some pet sitting friends over for dinner. One of the guests just had a book published. The book is: Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened. Check out hsi book on Amazon and check out his Website to see the press he's been getting lately. And of course if you find it interesting, you should buy it.

Here we are before the dinner party.

And here is the dinner party.

Summer Concert

Last night the boyfriend and I went to Wolf Trap for our sixth concert this summer. We went to see the Gipsy Kings. It was very hot and humid, and the it was probably the largest crowd we've ever seen at Wolf Trap, but we had a great time enjoying the music, some delicious food, and some wonderful wine. Last year we went to the Gipsy Kings concert at Wolf Trap and noted it was a very diverse group of people. This year, the group was very white and heterosexual. Not that that's a bad thing, we just noticed it. We still had a great time. We might see one more concert the first week of September. We'll see.

Dixie Caverns

While we were on our vacation last week we decided to do a little sight seeing and visit Dixie Caverns to see the stalactites and the stalagmites. It was very cool and humid down in the caverns. While the natural creations were cool to look at, our tour guide wasn't very exciting. It was fun anyway. Once you've seen one stalactite or stalagmite, you've seen them all. No need to go to Luray Caverns now. Here's the boyfriend down in the caverns. He looks excited, doesn't he?

Underwear Wine

The boyfriend and I went on a short vacation at the end of last week and over the weekend. We traveled to southern VA to visit wineries. We visited 16 wineries in four days. We traveled 872 miles and I got 44.2 miles per gallon with my hybrid. We had a great time. We stayed in hotels each night. One of the evenings the boyfriend decided I didn't have a picture of his wine face with him in his underwear. So…thus the following picture. Isn't he adorable?

iMac Revision

As expected, Apple introduced the revised iMac today. They also released updates to iLife and iWork and dot Mac. I like the new look of the iMac but don't really care for the black ring around the screen. I see it and expect it to be part of the screen real estate.

The iMac I currently have will be a year old in September. There is no reason for me to get a new one and don't worry, I won't be ordering one of these new ones. I do like the upgrade in speed, ram, and storage space but the best upgrade I can see is the keyboard.

The keyboard is laptop like and looks sleek and all but the best part is that they finally included 2 USB 2.0 ports ON the keyboard. I have never been happy with the amount of USB ports on the iMacs. I've always needed 5 and Apple never added more. Now instead of unplugging something in the back, I can just plug my things into the keyboard…like my digital camera, my iPod, or my iRiver plug. No more reaching around the back of the machine.

SO…since I'm not going to get the new iMac I've decided I will get the new $49 keyboard. I ordered it shortly after seeing all the details about it. It should arrive in a few days. It works with the my current iMac so it shouldn't be a problem at all adding it to my system. Maybe next year at this time I'll think about a new iMac.


This is the six year anniversary of the Presidential Daily Briefing entitled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US.” Just think how things might be different if he had acted on the memo. Would we be in Iraq today? Would he be as hated as he is now? If we could only go back in time and change things.

Cabernet Franc Tasting

The boyfriend and I had a few friends over last night for a Cabernet Franc tasting. We had a 2002, 2003, and a 2005 from Waterford Vineyards in Virginia. Our friends came over to tastet the wines and give us their impressions of the wines. We then had a wonderful dinner. We had a great time trying the wines and catching up.

Photo Shoot

Here's a picture from the photo shoot I had this morning with one of my favorite models. He needed some new photos taken so of course I volunteered to have him get naked for me. This photo is just a tease. Someday I'll update my photo libraries with some of the pics.

Back At It

The boyfriend has been home from his vacation since Tuesday and we've been very busy, if you know what I mean. Today we went to two wineries and got to taste some new wines. It was very warm but we had a nice time, enjoyed the wines, and the views. Of course the boyfriend was back at it…creating his famous face while tasting some wines. I told him when I took this picture today that I'd be posting it on the blog. He tried to make me believe that this pose was completely different from all the other poses. I beg to differ.

Summer Concert

Tonight the boyfriend and I went to Wolf Trap to hear Natalie Cole. She was very good! We both thought this was probably the best concert we've heard this summer so far. She played a big mix of music. I really enjoyed the smooth jazz type songs and the one or two she sang from Unforgetable. She did some from her latest album and some from many years ago. We definitely enjoyed them all though.

For someone who is 57, she sings really well and looks amazing. We actually thought she was a bit skinny! The crowd was great too. It wasn't too crowded at all and the weather was really nice once the sun went down.

We have a few more concerts this summer that I'm sure we'll enjoy but maybe not as much as this one.

What concerts have you been to so far this summer?


I'm not a fan of the Simpsons and could really care less about the movie that's coming out but I just had to find out what I would look like if I was Simpsonized. So here it is. This is me Simpsonized. I think they took out the fat because I used a recent picture of me that clearly shows me as a fat guy.

The Painting Is Done

I finally finished all the painting I'm going to do for the time being. I finished painting the living room yesterday but only go to put all the things back in the room today. I've hung pictures, moved furniture, and hung the curtains. Everything is done! I think painting the living room, hallway, and dining room took me twice as long this time as it did when I first painted them 9 years ago. I know the bathrooms need to be renovated and I need to paint and replace the carpeting in the bedrooms, but I don't want to do another thing on this place. I am so tired. I'll wait until next summer to take on anymore jobs like this. Plus, I have no money left to do anything. I'm broke. Maybe I'll win the lottery and then I can have someone else do the painting and renovating for me. Cross your fingers!

Here's the finished living room. It's actually hard to tell the difference except for the pictures on the wall in a different configuration. Maybe the walls are a little brighter. Oh well.

After the painting.

Before the painting.