Back To Work

Well, I finally went back to work today. I was off for 3 days because of the weather. Even today we went 2 hours late. Monday and Tuesday were supposed to be teacher work days and I had a million things to do. So this morning I went to work at my regular time so that I'd have 4 hours before the students arrived to get things done. I actually got done in 4 hours what I had planned to get done on two complete teacher workdays. I didn't stop once in those 4 hours. I was pretty proud of myself. I got everything done. Of course I'm really tired now but it's worth it to feel good about having everything done.

Happy Birthday Oprah! She had quite a party for her 50th. I won't have anything CLOSE to that for my 40th. Although, I am thinking about having a party for my 40th. I've got a few months to plan that. I don't feel 40 at all. I still feel like a kid sometimes. I think that's probably a good thing. I shouldn't take things too seriously as though I was 40 years old.

Today at work they were sending around a pool for the Super Bowl. Now, I declined to be included in the pool. I did this because I have no idea which teams are playing the game. The ONLY reason I would watch it is to see the commercials. I always get a good laugh at them. I am actually hoping that Apple will have a surprise add for a 20th Anniversary Mac. I doubt it will happen but it'd be cool if they did. I know they are having a Pepsi and iTunes add about the 100 Million Songs they'll give away by buying Pepsi and looking under the cap to see if you have won. I don't even drink Pepsi but I'm tempted to buy some just to get some free songs. Back to the Super Bowl. I don't even watch the game for the half time show. I don't really care about it. We have these crazy people at work who will buy 10 blocks on the pool to win $50. It's fun and all but I just don't get into the whole hoopla over the Super Bowl.

More Snow!

Well, it snowed about 5 to 6 inches last night. I woke up really early and turned on the news. Sure enough, I didn't have to work today. While I'm happy to have a day off, I'm pissed because I had SO much to do today. It's supposed to snow more with sleet and freezing rain tonight. That might just mess up another day tomorrow. We'll see. I did get out and clean off my car and move it to a better parking space. Having an SUV, it would have been easy to get out and go somewhere today but tomorrow with the ice may be another story. So, I'm being lazy again today. I did some laundry, ran the dish washer and basically just relaxing. I hope to finish a book today and start a new one. I should keep a list of the books I've read lately. I could even recommend titles. I would love to find a gay book club. One where they read gay fiction and meet once a month and discuss the book. I'd love that. I don't know of any such groups. I'm not the kind of guy who would start one either. If you know of a gay book club like that, let me know. Here are some pictures of the snow. I only took a few off my balcony. Didn't feel like taking the camera with me when I went down to clean off my car.


It's snowing in Northern Virginia! 5 to 8 inches are expected (hmm..8 inches is always nice). This will be our first significant snowfall of the season. While I'm looking forward to it's beauty, I am not looking forward to missing work tomorrow. I have a million things I need to do and I'll have to put them off even longer. But, that's life. I'll live with it. Here's a cool joke I found earlier today. I thought it was funny. Maybe you will to.

iPod Mini

Today began the MacWorld Expo in California. I was hopping Apple would introduce a new iMac but they didn't. They did introduce new mini iPods. The new iPods are cool looking, much smaller and hold fewer songs but are perfect for those who don't have thousands of songs (like me) and who like the new smaller, cooler design. They introduced some other things too but nothing of major interest to me. However, one piece of software they did introduce that I quickly ordered was iLife '04. It's a suite of software titles that let you do everything from manipulating photos, creating movies and DVD's, organizing and downloading music to creating your own music. I can't wait to get it! I will both upgrade my current titles and add the ones that are completely new. If you are at all interested in Apple, I suggest you check out their home page ( and see the new products.


Ugh! Back to work today was brutal. I tried to go to sleep at a decent hour last night but tossed and turned for a few hours. That's what I get for getting into a routine of staying up late and sleeping late. I'll get back to my schedule soon I hope. When I got home today I was so tired. I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight. Last night I watched Sex and The City. I'm so glad it's back. I've missed seeing what Carrie and her gal pals are up to. Even though it's a show about straight women, I think gay men can relate to their troubles with men and dating. Of course I won't miss a single episode of this final season. Then I have the Sopranos to look forward to in March. Also, Ab Fab has started up again on Oxygen. Love that silly show too!