Lazy Saturday

We previously had plans to go to dinner at Jill’s house but they had to cancel because Mr. Dail was out of town. So during the day we just went shopping. My husband bought some spring decorating items. We then went to Total Wine and bought a case of wine. We had a coupon and a gift card to use. We got some nice wines.

As we usually do we had crackers and cheese before dinner. I took a picture.

I don’t understand today’s walking. I walked 2.92 miles, 10,570 steps and I still wasn’t able to close the exercise circle on the Apple Watch. Sometimes I think he doesn’t keep track of my exercise very well. Oh well.

Phone Free Walk

Today was my first walk with only my new Apple Watch with Cellular. Because of that I didn’t get a picture anything along the walk. I walked 3.14 miles this morning. Here’s a picture when I got home using my new iPhone 8 Plus.

In other news, I am absolutely disgusted with our President for calling the NFL players SOBs for kneeling down during the national anthem. What Trump doesn’t understand is they have the constitutional right to not stand during the national anthem. Trump just shows his stupidity when he says things like this. But the bigger picture is he’s trying to distract us from the horrible health care bill going through congress right now. And from Russia! I won’t get distracted.

New Shoes!

Yesterday I went shopping for some new shoes. I picked up two pairs of shoes. I thought the blue ones would be for walking but I walked with them this morning and the flat part of the bottom of my feet hurt. I think I’ll just wear them for everyday and use my new white pair for walking. We’ll see how we feel after walking with the white ones tomorrow.

In other news, my new Apple Watch has shipped and will arrive tomorrow!!

Wet Track

I walked on the track this morning but it was sprinkling. It was enough to make the track a little wet. I walked 3.12 miles! I’m back over three. We’ll see if I can keep it up.

Today Apple had their first event at the Steve Jobs Theater at thew new Apple campus. Today they introduced the new iPhone 8 and the new iPhone X. I’ll be getting the iPhone X for sure. They also introduced a new Apple Watch and a new Apple TV. I’m going to get the new Apple Watch as well. I like that it has cellular now.

Update: I did not order the iPhone X. I ordered the iPhone 8 Plus because it has a larger display. Video to follow soon.

No Photo Today

I did get out and walk this morning but I totally forgot to take a picture. However, I did walk 2.6 miles. I’m keeping it going. The Apple Watch helps me keep track of all the information you get when you use the exercise app. Here’s a screen shot of my walk information.