The Baby Crawls

Back in February we had a Mardi Gras party. My husband found the little baby in his piece of King Cake. Since that time he has been hiding the little baby around the house. When I finally find the baby, I then hide it for him to find. Today the baby has moved like three times. This last time he put it on my computer. I need to think of a good place to put it now.

Today I walked 1.87 miles.

Breakfast With Work Friends

This morning I met a bunch of work friends at the Vienna Inn for breakfast. We normally wouldn’t do this in the summer time but Sarah was bringing the baby and we wanted to see her. It was fun catching up on what’s going on with everyone in the summer. And the baby is so cute!


One of my hags had a baby on Tuesday. The other hag and I went to visit her last night. The baby is beautiful. I got to hold her while she slept….the baby that is. Here I am with the baby and her momma.