New Birds!

Lately I’ve taken some more pictures of birds. I just updated my bird page with these new birds.

#14 Cedar Waxwing

#13 Northern Mockingbird

#12 Cardinal

#11 Cooper’s Hawk

#10 Downy Woodpecker

#9 American Robin

I walked 2.50 miles outside while bird watching today.

New Bird

The weather changed today and got a little chilly and cloudy. It even rained a few times. While working in the office, I noticed there were a bunch of birds in the tree outside the window. I took a closer look with my camera lens and found they were Cedar Waxwings. I hadn’t seen them for a few years. So I spent some time taking a bunch of pictures of them. Here’s one of the better shots.

Since it was raining I walked inside. I did well! I walked 2.18 miles. I felt good about that.

New Birds

This was a big photography weekend. Recently I joined a MeetUp group for photographers. Saturday evening we met in Georgetown DC for a sunset/low light shoot. I took about 350 photos. I found about 10 that I thought were really good. I’ll be posting them later.

I was also taking pictures of birds this weekend. I was shocked to find a completely new bird to me. When I first photographed it, I thought it was a Tufted Titmouse but once I looked at the photos on the computer, it looked completely different. After a little research I find that it’s a Cedar Waxwing. I have never heard of or seen this bird before. Imagine my delight at finding a new bird! So here they are birds #26 and #27 photographed in 2013.

Bird #26 Cedar Waxwing

Bird #27 Ring-Billed Gull