Time To Kill Christmas

Today was the day we took down all the Christmas decorations and Christmas trees. We had two. My husband really likes Christmas and decorating the house. When it’s finally time to take down the decorations he thinks it’s like we are killing Christmas. I remind him it will come again next year.

I didn’t go on any walks today because we spent the entire day working on the house. By the end of the day I ended up walking a total of 4.23 miles. I think that was enough exercise for me. I was dead tired by the end of today.

Our tree would not have lasted any longer. As I took the ornaments off the tree needles fell everywhere. By the time I had all the ornaments and lights off the tree, all the needles were on the floor. This is what it looked like. It had been up for almost 6 weeks so it served it’s purpose.

Merry Christmas!

I got up this morning and took a picture of the sunrise. It was cold but the sun was out. It was a really nice day. I didn’t go for a walk though. I figured I could take a few days off. It was another day of watching Christmas movies and laying on the couch. I did talk with my husband on the phone. He told me about his time with his family. He was having a good time. He told me how to make the hot chocolate that he makes for me. I was able to duplicate the process and make myself a cup!

Christmas Eve

I did not go on a walk today but my overall miles for the day was 3.92. That was just walking around doing the things I was doing. Since it was Christmas Eve today, I decided to have pizza and watch Christmas movies. I watched Christmas In Connecticut among others. It was a nice relaxing day.

Our Door Decoration

Only 1.56 miles today but I had already done a lot of other active projects that helped me close the exercise ring so I wasn’t too concerned about distance today. Here is our door decoration for this year. This concludes the door decoration posts for this year.

Door Decoration 11

I DID get back to walking today. I walked 2.17 miles today. I even broke an exercise record on my Apple Watch. I exercised for 63 minutes…and that means my heart rate got above the normal rate for 63 minutes. Here is another ugly door decoration. It’s bad because it’s on top of another door decoration they have on their door all the time.

Door Decoration 10

2.07 miles today. I feel better about getting over 2 miles today. If it were only warmer and I could walk outside. I mean I could walk outside but I don’t like walking in the cold. And it’s going to be even colder tomorrow. It’s supposed to be in the teens when we get up tomorrow. Yikes! I’ll stick to walking inside. I saw this ugly door decoration on today’s walk.

Door Decoration 8

Walked 2.22 miles today. Doing a little better. It has gotten really cold outside. We are expecting snow tonight into tomorrow. They say would could get 2 to 4 inches. I’ll have to get out and take some pictures tomorrow. But I was inside today. Here’s the next installment of the door decorations. I like that it is made of paper. Very creative.

Door Decoration 6

I only walked 1.71 miles today. Some days are like this. Others are better. I also so this very pathetic door decoration today. I can’t tell if it’s a decoration or an audible signal for a roommate to let the other know they are “busy”.

Door Decorations 4

Back to walking and back to showing door decorations. Today I only walked 1.70 miles indoors. I know I really need to get back up to 3 miles but it’s cold outside and I don’t really like walking indoors. I think you already know that. Anyway, I present today’s door decoration. I think it’s very sad. The poor dove is upside down. This is one of the worst I’ve seen in the building.

Door Decorations

We’ve hit a cold stretch so I think I’ll be walking indoors for awhile. I’ve decided to start taking pictures of door decorations that I see on my indoor walks. I walked 2.16 miles today. Here’s the first decoration I’m sharing. I think it’s a bit much.

Christmas Day

Yesterday my mom and I drove down to Richmond to my sister’s house. We were meeting a good chunk of my family to celebrate Christmas.


We started with a delicious meal that my brother-in-law and my sister cooked. It was really good and I ate way too much.


We then opened presents. This always stresses me out. My mother told me we weren’t doing Christmas gifts this year so I didn’t buy anything. When we sat down to rest, everyone passed out gifts! I was a bit mad and embarrassed that I didn’t have anything. I hate when that happens. I got over it though.


As the day was coming to close some of my family members left to go home. My mother and I were staying over with my sister so we decided to play several games of Rummikub. I won four games! It was fun. We had a great visit but it was nice to come home today.

Christmas Day

Christmas20131Yesterday my mother and I went to my sister’s house to celebrate Christmas with a few other members of my family. We have a huge family. When we are all together there are 24 of us. And that’s just my parents, brothers and sisters, spouses and children. Trying to coordinate everyone to get together is a nightmare. Because of that we rarely all get together. This time there was just a third of us.

Christmas20132My mother and sisters cooked an amazing meal of both turkey and ham. And of course all the sides. We had a great time chatting at dinner talking about previous Christmases, what everyone’s up to, and several other topics. You should always avoid politics and religion when visiting with family members. I was very good not to bring up either of those topics. One of my brother’s in law did. He kept complaining about Obamacare and how much he’s going to have to pay for insurance. I wanted to say so many things but I kept my mouth shut. As much as I love my sister, she married a man who isn’t very smart. But anyway, we did have fun chatting at dinner.

Christmas20135Christmas20137After dinner we moved the festivities to the basement. My sister has a huge tree decorated beautifully for the holiday. We all handed out gifts and sat around and opened them. One of my brothers gave my father a new cell phone…one with large numbers so he can see them better. We were all trying to show him how to use it. Each time he held the phone for a test call, his hand rested on the volume switch and kept turning it down. He said he couldn’t hear anything. We tried to explain to him that if he holds it a certain way, it will turn down the volume and he won’t hear the call. I think he got it in the end but you know how old people and technology don’t get along all that well.

Christmas20138After awhile everyone decided it was time for dessert. There was something for everyone. There were pies, cake, ice cream, cookies, fudge, and of course candy. I had a big piece of chocolate cake. It was delicious. My sister has three dogs and a cat. All the dogs were constantly around us as we eat looking for bits that might fall on the floor.

rummikubAfter gifts and dessert we went back upstairs to the dinning room table to play games. My sister brought her Rummikub game with her. I guess that’s the latest game everyone is playing. I had heard my mother talk about playing it with her retirement group but I’d never actually played the game before. I watched my sisters, nephew, and mom play one round and then with a little instruction, I joined in the fun. I won the first game I played! I picked it up pretty fast. I won another round as well. Even after my one sister and her family left to return to Richmond, the rest of us continued to play. I won 5 games over the evening. It was a fun! Have you played Rummikub before?

Christmas20134We spent the night at my sisters house because we didn’t want to have to drive the two hours to get home on Christmas. This morning we got up early and got on road. We stopped at Denny’s on the way home for breakfast. It was good, but filling. I’ve eaten way too much for the last two days. I had a great time visiting with my family. Even though I’m not religious, I do enjoy this holiday for getting to spend time with my family. It’s tough getting together with many of them during the year. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well!