New Birds!

Lately I’ve taken some more pictures of birds. I just updated my bird page with these new birds.

#14 Cedar Waxwing

#13 Northern Mockingbird

#12 Cardinal

#11 Cooper’s Hawk

#10 Downy Woodpecker

#9 American Robin

I walked 2.50 miles outside while bird watching today.

New Year New Birds

Each year I start my bird count over. In 2014 I photographed 58 birds. I hope to improve that number in 2015. Today we went on our first bird watching walk in 2015 and saw 7 birds!


Here they are:

#1 Pileated Woodpecker

#2 Red Bellied Woodpecker

#3 Cooper’s Hawk

#4 Hairy Woodpecker

#5 Cardinal

#6 Northern Flicker

#7 American Robin

Bird #15 for 2014

Today I went for a short walk on the Glover Archbold Trail not far from the Cathedral to look for birds. I think it’s too cold and breezy out today because I didn’t see many at all. However, as I was walking back I saw this Cooper’s hawk fly in front of me. He was carrying a European Starling in it’s claw. I followed it with my eyes to where it landed and was able to get several shots of him. It’s hard to see but in one of his claws is the European Starling. He tore that bird up while I watched. I’m sure he enjoyed his meal.