Visiting Dad

Over the weekend I visited my dad. He turns 81 in January. He lives alone and still drives himself where he wants to go. Besides being pretty thin, he’s in decent health. It was a good visit.

Happy New Year

Yesterday I went to my sister’s house in Richmond to celebrate my father’s 80th birthday. My entire family was there. There are 24 of us when we are all together. Here’s a picture of my twin brother and myself with my father. It was great catching up with all my siblings.

Here’s the entire family. I’m not sure when this will ever happen again. Every sibling, spouses and children are there. We aren’t missing anyone.

Day 282 of 365

We are home from our mini vacation to Charlottesville. We had a nice time visiting with my dad and visiting several wineries. We bought two cases of wine and put another 300 or so miles on the car. We’ll be taking a few weeks off from visiting wineries to relax.

It’s kinda chilly here. I wore shorts today but should probably have pants on. The heat has been turned on in my building. I hope we don’t have any hot days now. I’ll roast with the heat and a hot day. Looks like it will be cool for the rest of the week. That’s good. Oh, Happy Columbus Day!