Warm Walk

It is too warm for November 3rd! It was 78 degrees when I walked this afternoon. I walked 2.68 miles on the track at AU. I was sweating! Global Warming is real! When I got home from my walk I saw this deer in the front yard. I got this close and he didn’t even get bothered.

Spring Is Here

Today we took a walk on the Glover Archbold Trail in DC. We were looking for birds but didn’t find too many. All the birds we saw were ones I’ve already photographed in 2014. However, towards the end of our walk I did see an American Goldfinch still in it’s winter plumage. I got several shots. I was so excited to add another bird to the list. I haven’t added a new bird in awhile.
We also saw several deer roaming around digging through the dead leaves looking for anything green to eat. While spring is finally here, not all things have started to turn green. Lots of trees have buds ready to burst open. And of course the daffodils are all out looking pretty. It was in the low 60s today but there was a little breeze that was keeping a little chill on. We enjoyed our walk and look forward to spring continuing to get warmer and warmer. And more flowers and trees turning green!

Trail Deer

Today we took a walk on the Glover-Archbold Trail to look for birds. We saw very few. We saw a few robins and a goldfinch but I wasn’t fast enough with the camera to capture them. We did see a deer though. She didn’t seem to be bothered by us at all. She stopped to eat some leaves. We didn’t stay on the trail long because it is very muggy and sticky out today in DC. It will probably rain later today.