Blue Sky Walk

Today I walked 2.57 miles on the track at AU. I walked pretty late in the afternoon. The picture was taken at the beginning of my walk. The sky was quickly filling up with clouds. Also with the time change over the weekend, the sun goes down much earlier. It was pretty dark by the time I got home.

Trail Walk

Today I walked 2.77 miles on the trail. The fall leaves were beautiful! The weather was just about perfect.

In other news, yesterday the indictments came down for Manafort and Gates and George Papadopoulos plead guilty. I predict Trump will be going down in the near future. Let’s hope!

Fall Walk

It was chilly this morning but it’s going to be warmer today than it was yesterday. I walked 3.16 miles on the track at AU this morning. When the sun came up enough to light up the other side of the track, this is what I saw. Beautiful!

Fall Leaves

This morning the track was full of the men’s track team so I couldn’t walk on the track. I decided to walk in the neighborhood. I only walked 2.09 miles. I did see these pretty fall leaves along the way. I’m ready for fall!

Waiting For Fall Color

It’s October 2nd and even though the government is shut down and the nasty republicans are to blame, fall still hasn’t arrived yet. I have been waiting for the fall color for weeks. We were out this weekend and it looked like all the leaves we going from green to brown. I haven’t seen any major color. This picture was taken last year when we had some really nice color. I keep wondering if we will see any color this year at all! And no, I won’t be posting about the government shut down. There’s enough of that on other sites.

Fall Is Here

FallTreeFall started yesterday at 4:44 PM. Today was the first full day of fall. The temperatures were very cool this morning. I think it was like 50 degrees. It was crisp and definitely felt like fall. During the day it only got up to 70 degrees but the humidity was low and there was a cool breeze most of the day.

Fall is my favorite season. I love the crisp nights, low humidity warm days, the trees changing colors, the leaves falling and all the holidays we experience between now and the end of the year. Mostly I love the colors I see in the trees. Each year is a bit different. Sometimes the rain fall, temperatures, etc. are just right to make for a beautifully colorful fall. I’m not sure how this year will turn out but I’ve already started to see signs of a quick color change. There’s one tree in my parking lot that changes quickly. I checked it out today and sure enough most of the leaves had changed color and started to fall. I thought it was a little soon for the leaves to be falling. The color is almost on track but the falling leaves is too soon. I want them to stay on the trees to enjoy them. But you can’t stop nature. The trees will do what they are going to do with the conditions they’ve been given. I just hope I see some really colorful trees this year. I don’t want them to turn brown too soon.

What’s your favorite season? Why?

About The Header

We are having a Halloween party this evening. We’ve been decorating all day. I even made cupcakes! I also carved a pumpkin. We’ll have a bunch of friends over for an evening of fun. In between decorating today we went for a walk to see the fall leaves before Hurricane Sandy blows them away in the next few days. While on the walk I took lots of photos of the fall leaves. The header above is one of those photos. I decided to update the blog with seasonal colors with the new header. Of course I’ll change it in a few months but for now, I’ll enjoy it. Below you can see some more. I hope you’re having a wonderful Fall season!

Fall Is Here!

Fall really arrived over night. The temperatures are in the 50s and the air finally feels like fall. I’m so glad it’s here now. I’ve been so tired of the muggy, humid days here in the DC area. I want to see the leaves start to change but that will be a few weeks from now. Until then, here’s a shot of leaves from last year. And you can see I changed the banner above to reflect the season.