No Photo Walk

I walked indoors again today but I’m tired of taking the same ole pictures from inside that I decided not to take any pictures today. But I did walk 2.57 miles down the hallways and up and down the stairs. It’s gotten colder and I just don’t want to walk outside when it’s cold. 🙁

Rainy Day

It was raining outside today. I had to walk inside. As you have read before, I hate walking inside. So I went out to lunch with a friend first and then walked inside. I walked 2.52 miles up and down the halls and stairwells. Here’s a shot of the rain while out to lunch.

Indoor Walk

It was raining this morning so I had to do my walk indoors. I walked down long hallways and up and down stairs in our building to get my walk done. I walked 2.06 miles in the building. It was harder than usual because of the stairs but I did it. Today’s picture is boring but it shows my walking conditions.