Retired Group

Recently I joined a MeetUp group for retired, gay guys. We do things during the day while our spouses are working. Today was the first meeting I joined. We had lunch at a guys house. I brought my lunch but most guys walked to the local burrito place and bought their lunch. I met a few new guys and we all talked about all kinds of things. It was a couple of hours of socializing and I enjoyed it. I’m signed up for a few more gatherings in the weeks to come. Here’s a picture I took of one group of guys having lunch. Not the best picture because I caught them mid chew. hahaha

A total of 3.31 miles today.

New Meet Up Group

Recently I joined a new meet up group. It’s a group for guys who are free during the day who want to get together with other guys who are free during the day to do different things like having lunch, going on walks, etc.

The first meet up was to get lunch together. I met all these guys at a restaurant in Arlington. All the guys were very nice. I met two who sat near me and we got along really well. We laughed and had a good time getting to know each other. I really had a good time and was glad I joined the group. I’m looking forward to the next get together!

I walked 2.27 miles today.

Lunch Out

Today I went to lunch with my friend Jill and her son Max. We went to 2 Amy’s pizza. It’s one of my favorite places to go. I had a pepperoni pizza as I always do. We had a great time catching up and enjoying our meal. We even had a bottle of wine with lunch! How often do you do that?

Today I walked 1.99 miles.

Old Time Lunch

Today for lunch I had some old time beefaroni. We ate this a lot as kids. I loved it! Plus today was a very windy day. I think it’s been referred to as #windmageddon. We had some really strong winds. Because of this my husband had the day off. I still walked though. I walked 2.08 miles in the building.