Sad Walk

It was raining today so I walked indoors after dinner. I walked 2.05 miles. It was sad because of yet another mass shooting. This time in Texas at a church. 26 people killed. All the politicians call for thoughts and prayers but that does nothing. We need gun control now. How many shootings will it take for the republicans to take action and fight against the NRA and change the gun laws?

Cool Photo

It was cold again this morning but I wore the sweatshirt again and was able to get 3.14 miles on the track. On the way to the track I passed the power plant for the university. There was a pipe putting out all this steam. From the other side of the track it made for a cool photo. Do you agree?

On another note, I’m just sick with the mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas last night. It’s the largest mass shooting in modern American history. Of course Trump is a horrible president and never says what needs to be said to heal the country.

Mass Shooting

There has been another mass shooting. This time in Washington D.C. 13 people were killed including the gunman. Don’t worry though, none of the gun laws will be changed. The 2nd Amendment freaks will keep their guns and nothing will change. It never does.

Instead, enjoy this photo of chardonnay grapes. We helped harvest these grapes on Saturday at our favorite winery. If my count is right, this is the 9th year I’ve harvested.