New Birds!

Lately I’ve taken some more pictures of birds. I just updated my bird page with these new birds.

#14 Cedar Waxwing

#13 Northern Mockingbird

#12 Cardinal

#11 Cooper’s Hawk

#10 Downy Woodpecker

#9 American Robin

I walked 2.50 miles outside while bird watching today.

New Bird

Today I ran some errands. When I was bringing the stuff through the garage I saw this bird on the railing. It’s a Northern Mockingbird. He just sat there and let me take his picture. I used my iPhone so it’s not the best picture but you can see him though.

The rest of the day I spent cleaning an old Apple keyboard. I took that thing apart and cleaned every key. You can see how filthy it was. It took forever but the keyboard is like new now.

2.24 miles indoors today.

A Day Off

I had an unexpected day off today so I took advantage of the time and went looking for new birds. I photographed 5 new birds today!

#50 Hermit Thrush
#49 Solitary Sandpiper
#48 Yellow-billed Cuckoo
#47 Northern Mockingbird
#46 Osprey