Blue Sky Walk

Today I walked 2.57 miles on the track at AU. I walked pretty late in the afternoon. The picture was taken at the beginning of my walk. The sky was quickly filling up with clouds. Also with the time change over the weekend, the sun goes down much earlier. It was pretty dark by the time I got home.

Thursday Walk

This morning I walked 3.10 miles on the track at AU. Nothing special. Just glad I got my 3 miles in. It wasn’t chilly either. We’ve gotten back to a bit of summer. The sky was beautiful for a short time this morning.

Beautiful Dawn

This morning I had an MRI on my right wrist to figure out where some pain is coming from. I had to be there very early this morning. I’ll get the results in about a week I guess. On the way home I saw this sky and just had to take a picture. I think it’s beautiful!

Of course I also walked today. I walked 3.10 miles but it was a little later in the morning. I didn’t take any pictures on the walk though since I had that amazing photo above.

Mid Walk Rain

I walked 2.29 miles today at the AU track. I was half way through my walk when it started to rain. Enough rain to make me head home. I was a little wet by the time I got home. I was hoping to get to 3 miles today but the rain stopped that. I didn’t walk at all yesterday because of the rain. Here’s the sky on my way to the track. It looked good but those dark clouds brought the rain quicker than I thought they would.

Sunday Morning Walk

I walked 2.23 miles this beautiful morning. It was 61 degrees and low humidity. Just like yesterday, my kind of weather. And the sky was pretty too. I didn’t have any podcasts to listen to so I cranked up my Madonna playlist and walked to the beat of the music. I’m old school Madonna so none of the newer stuff she’d done. Most of mine is from the 80s and 90s. Here’s the sky this morning.

Keeping Up

Today my husband went back to work. I could have stayed in bed and slept a lot longer but decided I’m going to keep up with my walking. I walked 2.28 miles at the track this morning. It was still humid but it’s still supposed to get nicer this week. Maybe tomorrow.

Pretty Sky Walk

The sky was pretty but it was still humid this morning. I walked 2.22 miles on the track today. Supposedly we are getting some storms tonight that will change the temperature and the humidity tomorrow. I can’t wait. Here’s a shot from my walk today.