Two Year Anniversary

Today is our 2 year anniversary! We got married two years ago today. Here we are pictured with our best friends, the Dails on our wedding day. They were our witnesses and they put on our reception. We still get together and enjoy dinners and wine together. Happy Anniversary to us!


We have finally decided to get married. On Friday evening I asked my partner if he would marry me and he said yes. We have decided on a February wedding since that will be our 10th anniversary.

Today we joined some good friends of ours at a winery to enjoy wine tasting, lunch, and to celebrate our engagement. They brought a cake to help celebrate. Here’s a picture of us holding the cake of course. It was delicious!


A Wedding

On Saturday we went to a wedding. Our friend’s Dorothy and Laura got married. It was a beautiful affair. We had a great time. I would have more pictures but they requested we not take pictures during the ceremony. And the pictures I did take were with my iPhone. I didn’t have my big camera with me. Below is one of the beautiful table setting and of when Dorothy and Laura were cutting the cake. During dinner I sat next to the minister. I thought that was funny since I’m an atheist. She didn’t mind at all. Turns out the lady sitting on the other side of the minister was an atheist too….but she called herself a humanist. I think it’s the same thing. Anyway, we had fun dancing and chatting with other guests and celebrating with Dorothy and Laura.