Wine Walk

Today I ended up doing my walking late in the evening and since it was dark, I walked in the building. We participated in an online wine chat about Virginia wine in the evening. During the day I spent making my Halloween costume. I’ll post a picture of it on the weekend. But I bought a sewing machine to do the work. I taught myself how to use the machine and make my costume. Anyway, because of all that, the walk was in the evening. I walked 1.91 miles. I was just too tired to go any further but I did get the 30 minutes of exercise done.

Enjoying Some Wine

This evening we participate in an Virginia Wine Chat on Twitter. We tasted three different wines from a winery in southern Virginia. Here’s Warren enjoying the first wine. I thought it was a good picture of him so I decided to post it. We thoroughly enjoyed the wines and had a great time participating on Twitter with all the other people tasting and Tweeting about the wines.


Glass of Wine

I’m enjoying a glass of 2008 Melbac before dinner. Warren is making chicken and pasta while I enjoy my glass of wine. We had a very nice dinner last night for Valentine’s Day. We got each other our favorite chocolates and I’ve been eating them all day. Today we went to a winery while the snow flakes fell. Nothing accumulated but the snow flakes were fun to watch. We’ve had enough snow and are both ready for spring.

Vacation Day Five

Today we decided to stay around the town of Calistoga. We started with day with a delicious breakfast at Cafe Sarafornia.

After breakfast we began looking for a place that would ship our wine home. During this trip we had purchased almost two cases of wine. We did not want to have it shipped to us right away because of the heat on the east coast. The wine would sit on a truck and bake before it was delivered to us. We did find a great shipping store in St. Helena that would not only ship the wine but would also keep it in a cool warehouse until October when the temperatures are cool enough for ground shipment. We were very happy to find the place because we did not want to check our wine on the plane. That was done and we were relieved.

After the wine shipping task we did some laundry, filled up the car with gas and looked for a place to vacuum out the car. As you might remember we got a convertible for the trip. At one of the wineries we left the top down under a tree and a bunch of stuff fell from the tree and got in the car. I drove around and around and never did find a place to vacuum out the car. Oh well, they’ll have to take it back in the same shape it is now. On the way back to the hotel we decided to stop at the Castello di Amorosa. It’s a castle and tasting room. The guy who owns it has been building it for 25 years and decided to start a winery there too. We decided to check out the castle and taste the wine. Here’s a few photos from the castle.
After a short nap we went back into town and visited a few tasting rooms. Some wineries that don’t have a tasting room on their property sometimes open tasting rooms in the small towns to get their wines sold and their name out there. We visited a few but none worth really mentioning.

With a little more wine tasting done, it was time for dinner. We went to an Italian place and had pizza for dinner. Of course we had wine with dinner. After dinner we sat in the jacuzzi tube filled with natural spring water. Now it’s time for bed. Tomorrow is our last day in California!

Vacation Day Four

The fourth day of our vacation found us in the wonderful little town of Healdsburg, California. Healdsburg is in Sonoma County. There are many smaller wineries spotted throughout the area. We decided to concentrate our winery visits to this area.

We went to Limerick Lane, Christopher Creek, J, and Rodney Strong. We tasted lots of wine and probably bought too much as well. Here are some pictures from those visits.
When we came home we took a little nap and then went out to dinner. It was a wine filled day and we had a nice time tasting new wines and seeing new things.