What a boring day. I got up early and went and fed Michael's cat and his neighbor's guinea pigs. Then I stopped off and picked up my shirts and lottery tickets. After that I came home. I chatted on the computer for what seemed like hours. I watched a lot of TV (all boring). I've done a lot of thinking today but mostly it was just wasting time. If there was a way to record my thoughts without actually having to write them down, life would be so much easier. I'm sure sometime in the future such a device will be created. For the time being I will have to remember what I was thinking about and simple write it down. Most of my thoughts revolve around my most recent X. I think it started when my brother called on my cell phone. I have his ringer set to the “Sex and the City” theme. I also had the X's number set to the same ringer. When I heard that go off, I thought he was calling. Of course it wasn't him. I've asked not to speak to him for the time being so I know it wouldn't be him. After talking to my brother and solving his simple problem, I changed his ringer to the normal phone call ringer. Since hearing that ringer though, I've been thinking too much about the X. Not a good thing to do when you are trying to get over someone. I know as time goes on I will think of him less and less. It always goes that way. When I have a breakup it takes awhile to stop thinking about them and wondering what they are thinking or doing. It does pass. It just takes time. Enough about THAT. Tomorrow is Sunday. I've got things to do in the morning but in the afternoon I'm sure I'll have another boring day. Nature is beautiful!

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