Trail Walk

Today I decided to take a walk on the trail and look for birds. I didn’t find any new birds but I did see some icy creeks. I thought it was beautiful.

In other news our horrible president said this about immigration: “Why do we want all these people from ‘shithole countries’ coming here?” Can you believe this is the leader of the free world? What a shithole racist he is. I don’t know how much more of this man I can take. Our country is so embarrassed by his words. It’s so sad. He really needs to be removed from office.

Total of 3.65 miles today.

Golden Globes

Last night I watched the Golden Globes. I had not seen any of the movies that won awards and many of the TV shows were new to me as well. I guess I need to catch up on TV and movies. The show itself was really good. Everyone dressed in black to show support for women who have been sexually harassed or abused by men in Hollywood. The #timesup hashtag was huge.

But the big deal from the show was Oprah. She won the Cecil B. DeMille Award. But her speech was simply amazing. She was very presidential. Everyone started tweeting Oprah2020. I did the same. I would love it if she ran for President. But I know she wouldn’t win. Our country is still too backwards to have a black female president. I still think she’s great.

I walked 1.45 miles today inside.

Phone Free Walk

Today was my first walk with only my new Apple Watch with Cellular. Because of that I didn’t get a picture anything along the walk. I walked 3.14 miles this morning. Here’s a picture when I got home using my new iPhone 8 Plus.

In other news, I am absolutely disgusted with our President for calling the NFL players SOBs for kneeling down during the national anthem. What Trump doesn’t understand is they have the constitutional right to not stand during the national anthem. Trump just shows his stupidity when he says things like this. But the bigger picture is he’s trying to distract us from the horrible health care bill going through congress right now. And from Russia! I won’t get distracted.

Foggy Morning Walk

Today I walked 2.21 miles at the track at American University. It was foggy out this morning and very humid. It’s gonna be hot today. Here are a few shots to show the fog.

Trump went off the rails again yesterday. He defended the white supremacists, the KKK and Nazis…you know, his base. He is absolutely the worst President we’ve ever had. He’s a disgrace. I’m saddened by his words. He’s an idiot.

Trump Is A Shithead

I just can’t even begin to describe how I feel today. When the President of the United States comes out defending white supremacists, the KKK and Nazis, there isn’t much else you can say. He clearly is trying to play to his base. I say keep talking Mr. President. You will talk your way out of a second term (crossing fingers) and possibly out of the White House during your first term. In case you are reading this at a later date, look up the news for his date and you will see what I’m talking about. The man is a true idiot. He is not my President.

On a different note, I did walk today. I had to walk indoors because of the rain we had today. I walked 2.25 miles down the halls and up and down the stairs at my building. On the third floor I saw this and thought it was good in case Trump gets crazier than he is already.

Sunday Morning Walk

I skipped walking on Saturday to take a day off but I was back at it again this morning. I walked 2.17 miles at the track at American University. It rained a lot yesterday so the track was wet but the weather was beautiful. Here’s a shot from the campus.

On another note, I was sickened yesterday by the death and violence in Charlottesville. We have visited the town many times and my father lives there now. Trump did not denounce the violence by the white supremacists. Instead blamed “many sides” for the violence. These people are a dying breed and Trump should have called them out for what they are, terrorists. This is not the America it should be in 2017. We already fought a war against the Nazis. We shouldn’t be doing it again and not on American soil. I’m disgusted with Trump and his ilk. I stand with #charlottesville

Marriage Equality Now

Today the Supreme Court decided to let stand rulings that allow marriage equality in Virginia, Utah, Oklahoma, Indiana, and Wisconsin. They will not be taking on any of the cases in these states that were appealing the lower courts decisions. That means that marriages can begin in these states right away. This also opens up six more states for marriage equality in the near future. That will mean 30 states will have marriage equality.

Marriages already began in Virginia today. Local news reports were showing couples getting married in all the major cities around the state. It’s a great day for Virginia.

This means I can now get married in my state. I’ve been with my partner for almost 10 years. He lives in DC. We might have some discussions about where we will get married. We’ve already had discussions about living together and merging our households in the future. We will be married and we will live together, it’s working out the details that will take some time. However, just the fact that we CAN get married is a victory and everything else will work out.

Should We Strike?

syriaPresident Obama today said he would seek the approval of congress before moving against Syria. Last week Syria allegedly used chemical weapons against its own people to subdue the uprising against President Assad and his regime. The outrage in the world leads one to believe that it is the United States that needs to do something. For humanitarian reasons something needs to be done to stop Assad from killing the people of Syria. But does it need to be the United States leading the charge? I know there are greater reasons for getting rid of Assad. The United States has military and economic reasons for acting against Syria besides the humanitarian focus.

I don’t know why I have been following this and thinking about this so much in the past few days. I just don’t think we should be getting into yet another conflict in the middle east. We have spent billions of dollars and lost many Americans in the effort to fix what’s wrong in the middle east. I have such mixed feelings. I know something needs to be done. But I just don’t think we need to be the country to do it. Right now it seems like we’d be going at it alone. The United Kingdom has already voted against joining the United States against Syria. There were protests today all across the globe against the United States taking any action.

I began to think about the Bush Doctrine when I heard the United States was ready to take action against Syria. I understand there are several meanings of the Bush Doctrine but the one I think about (from Wikipedia, and I know what people say about Wikipedia) is this:

“Different pundits would attribute different meanings to “the Bush Doctrine”, as it came to describe other elements, including the policy of preventive war, which held that the United States should depose foreign regimes that represented a potential threat to the security of the United States, even if that threat was not immediate; a policy of spreading democracy around the world, especially in the Middle East, as a strategy for combating terrorism; and a willingness to unilaterally pursue U.S. military interests.”

Is this what we’d be doing if we began a strike and possible war against Syria? I don’t know. There are details about this whole problem that I am probably not aware of. All I know is I don’t want the United States to enter yet another conflict in the middle east. I just think we need to concentrate our efforts at home. There is so much more that can be done in our own country. But at the same time I know something needs to be done for the innocent people of Syria. Its all very complicated. Do you have any strong feelings one way or another on the United States taking a lead on striking against Syria?

Pope Francis


So they picked a new pope today. He’s from Argentina. He’s Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He’ll be known as Pope Francis. He’s 76 years old which means we’ll be going through all this in another 10 years or so. This is very conservative and has a terrible record for gay rights and other liberal things. He came in second when they selected Ratzinger. I don’t think his selection is going to change anything in the Catholic church. I think he is among the old guard who want to continue the church as it is now. Not that I care at all but it would have been nice to have a younger guy who is a bit more liberal and wants to have the church move into the 21st century and evolve. It won’t be happening anytime soon.